Friday, January 21, 2011

Lovely Wedding Photoshot

Even so many things going on right now, I decide to just follow the flow and decide when the time go on with your life as usual...go Dila!

So as I was browsing the net,I came across this lovely lovely photoshoot (tapi dekat oversi laaa..sumpah tak ingat which website). And instantly felt in love with its creativity..

Selalu gak nampak pose mcm ni..but still sweet

It seems that the ambient really help in this pic..beside the gorgeous dress by Vera Wang

This is such a simple shot but worth a thousand meaning..alaaa mcm ala-ala kite berdebar nk tunggu akad nikah camtula..hihi

Comel la couple ni..serious!

Sooooooo romantic....I wish I can have a dance with my hubby after the wedding..just the 2 of us..

What about MY wedding photoshoot?Hehehe..will have a post on it featuring all the names in photography industry and which I will hire as my official photographer...

p/s: Pics credit to google and the website that I forgot the namee..sorry



oshinz said...

suka tengok pic pengantin oversea. slumber je. tapi cantik.

MyNewJourney said...

oshinz:betul betull..dah berangan2 dah ni..hihi