Friday, December 03, 2010

Of My Engagement Dress (Part 1)

Hmmm..where to start ek?

Its really hard u know if u dont hv initial or rough idea of how u want your dress to be..

Remember this post? Actually this my inspiration..This is the pic that I showed to my designer-tak-jadik-for-baju-tunang ..Unaisah Azlan. She's the nicest I tell u! So kind she even told me where to get cheap but nice chiffon.

We were half way of discussing my engagement dress until she even drew me 2 sketches of my dress:

Errr..I dont know if its ok to show this sketches because I didnt end up doing my baju with her,if its not proper,some one pls tell me yaaa..

At first I told her that I want a simple baju kurung moden with laces and drapes (just like my inspirational dress)..hahaha DRAPES?I cant even imagine how la baju kurung moden nak letak drapes..but the sketches turn out to be without the drapes because I wasn't creative enough to tell her how i want the drapes to be on my dress. So..sketch itu pun terhasil lah. The pic of the lace is actually the one that she would use if I didnt opt for border lace.

Both sketches similiar design cuma lace lain and skirt slightly different. left skirt, is a gored mermaid skirt (potong panel) while right skirt straight full skirt with a simple drape.

I told her my budget and she was so kind enough to calculate the total cost including the kain and where to get it at a cheap price. The sketch no 1 cost a bit more that no 2 because it's using border lace around 5' kalau tak silap. Yg no 2 is using the lace like in this picture:

I just heart them both.To me sesuai sangat utk baju tunang. Boleh pakai banyak kali.

The discussion took place in August and we stopped for a while since masing2 busy and tlupa sekejap psl baju ni. Until one fine day in October I remembered and made a tough decision to change my designer since its a bit costly to do it with Unaisah eventho I love her design (and her!), her PR, her professionalism and all the review i've read about her is just so GOOD. Nothing bad at all.

Seeing all the dress she made in her blog just made me to want her more.. But unfortunately I decided with a very heavy heart to change from Unaisah to Kak Ina. I even text Unaisah to say Im sorry that couldnt make it and why cant i..To my suprised she was so kind to still reply me (after all the energy,time and idea that she has invested in me..heheh) and wish me the best. I then promised to have her for my nikah (InsyaAllah) to do my dress instead (and yap...I will). For those who still tercari-cari sape nak jadi designer for your hari bahagia,please consider her. But dengar2 she's already fully booked sampai Nov'11..fuhhh laku mcm goreng pisang panas! Well,but if u are really keen of having her,try to ask first,maybe who knows it might be your luck that she can still slot u in!

So berakhirlah cerita with Unaisah and bermula lah kisah dgn Kak Ina (previously from Dzull de Classique)

Which will be continued...later..

Till then..stay tuned..



misha.w said...

kak ina mmg problem lah. die akan buat baju ko mcm yg die suke. bukannye mcm yg ko suke. aku dah penah kene ngan die time kt dzul classique dulu.