Saturday, December 04, 2010

My Engagement Dress (Part 2-From Unaisah to Kak Ina)

[BEWARE.This is a long entry.Scroll down if you want to continue]

I love CHIFFON. So much that every now and then I started to buy chiffon only for my baju kurung..hihihihi.To me this material has it's own characteristic that can be worn with or without other accessories (lace,bead,embroidery..u name it lah).But of course it will look more beautiful with the touch of those accessories. That's why for my engagement I opted for CHIFFON...

So here the story goes..

So what makes me chose Kak Ina?(Just in case if you were wondering) her work is not that cheap also u know. But I saw a few of my frens did their baju with her when she was still with Dzull de Classique and I instantly felt in love. She is famous for her beadings (manik,labuci,jemeki bagai lah) Some said Dzull de Classique is not the same anymore after she left. I dont knowla whether it's true or not..only base on what people I thought I wanted to try her out.

She runs her own boutique Dzihni in Bangi, which is quiet far from my house. So I decided to buy my material first and then show it to her. I remember Unaisah once told me Harisons have a type of chiffon which is cheap but still good quality. Went i went there,I found the chiffon that she was talking about..but unfortunately there were not so many colors to choose from. Lagi-lagi I myself was not very sure what type of pink I wanted. Soft Pink?Dusty Pink?Light Pink?Mauve?Dirty Pink?

I had a hard time sebenarnye to determine which one I want and which want is SUITABLE with my skin. That's the most important one. Pilih punya pilih I ended up buying this colour:

Sangat tak cantik kan? Even Kak Ina sendiri cakap tak cantik..hahahhaa

Menyesal yang teramat sangat on the other day I went to Jalan TAR and cari again.. This time I spend more time looking and browsing and scouting for the right one. Kesian Mr NAZ ikut aje..huhu.. so the search ended at MAYA Gallery. There's a lot of colors to choose from. Macam-macam PINK adaaa. Akhirnye berjumpalah dengan 2 kaler yg dah dishortliskan. One is dark pink and 1 more is a bit pale mcm mauve sket.. due2 cantik tak tau nak buat pilihan. So I took both colors out and letak atas meja. Sabo je SA tu layan aku.wahahahah. Mr NAZ pun pening.

But kebetulan in the kedai ade sorang designer (Masyallah I swear I knew him from some where) tapi sumpah tak ingat nama die.. ntah ke Michael Ong, Bill Keith or sape tah..but he looked so familiar.

The SA asked him which one is right for me. Instantly he said the dark pink, because it will enhance my skin color he said...He also said that the other color is sweet but at night it will become pale. So at the moment I know which one to choose. Since the other color is also nice i bought it also but its for my veil. That's why if you perasan my baju and my veil are from different color but its not that noticeable.

So setel bab kain. Nak hantar plak ke Butik Dzihni ke Bangi,blh tahan jauhnye campur sesat2 lagi. She is so soft spoken orangnya when we arrived. She is so experienced and tahu ape yg kite nak. Tak abis cakap lg die dah tau. But mind u, if u are the kind yang tahu ape u nak and susah nk terima pendapat orang so u will face a bit problem because Kak Ina tends to do it "her own way" mcm part lengan actually die strongly suggest mcm ni, but i nak mcm tu..kain nak mcm ni..die nak buat mcm u kene strong sket la..

The problem with me is..I have a LOT of inspirations..

tang kain je ek..heheheh

Saida in Rizman Ruzaini's

Pengasas Kosmetik Sri Mawar in Rizalman's

Anna Kendrick in Elie Saab's

I really love to have some laces patched on my baju so Kak Ina suggested border lace and I agreed. After design dah confirm, she said she would took a month to do it. So oklah.

Aku pun balik umah dengan suka hatinye.

A month passed by..

My baju tak siap lagi..Aku dah event is on the 5th Of Nov but 30 Oct baju pun x siap lg..aduhhh..i need at lest a few days more to alter sini sane kan..Ini bab aku paling takut sekali,kalau baju siap lambat pastu ade yg x kene nak alter x sempat.

Akhirnye 1hb Nov siap jugak baju tu. Hari Isnin. Satu problem plak dari tempat keje nak meredah jem semua nk ke Bangi..memang dugaan jugakla. Sampai dalam pukul 8 malam lebih jugakla. Kesian kak Ina tunggu dgn anak die.

Dari luar I can see my baju alreaady..berdebar gile ok! When I tried it...oopsssss..ketat kau! especially bab lengan..senteng plak tuh..xkan aku dah gain weight kot?Harusla alter kannnn..malangnye 2 kali alter still I have to bear with it. dah start tensen dah mase tuh.. Aku beli kain sampai 6 meter sepatutnye its MORE than enough utk badan aku yang kecik ni.Takkan xde bajet lebih sket kot just in case kene alter kan? Time tu nasib baikla ada Mr NAZ yang asyik tried to calm me down and pujuk me saying that dari pandangan mata die,nampak takdela ketat sgt,in fact ok je. I was so menggelabah orediiii.

Lagi satu bab kain die. Aku takdela plak kata kene buat ape2 beading kt bahagian bawah..Die buat jugakk..And the lace part on my hem,lengan and leher is actually cantik but mcm terover sket kekerawangannya.

So after dah discuss and made payment,we all pun balik. To conclude,ade few things nak share kt sinila:

  1. Tak puas hati sgt sebab lengan ketat dan senteng
  2. Kain supposedly to be simple flowy je tapi dah jadi bermanik2 extra charge kat situ.
  3. I specifically told her not to letak shoulder pad or kalau nk letakpun,letak yg NIPISSSS je.Tapi in the end die letak gak.Tebal plak tu.

So far itu ajela,tp overall dalam 70% la satisfied sbb sume kate cantik!hihihihi..Tapi total cost of baju actually is MORE that if I did with Unaisah. Why? (By the way Unaisah quoted around RM6xx-RM7xx but my baju now cost me RM8xx..

  1. I used more expensive chiffon material than the one Unaisah initially suggested.
  2. The border lace Kak Ina bought for me is more expensive.
  3. Kak Ina charged for my veil and Unaisah doesn't.

Overall,eventho I was kinda puas hati with Kak Ina I would still hope that I did my baju with Unaisah instead. I dont know why but I know that she can pull it off! But its ok.Alhamdulillah la kan. Nothing bad happened. There's always another time.


For my wedding I already confirmed to do my baju nikah with Unaisah.YESSSS!!!Finally. Despite of her busy schedule,she still able to do my baju.Yahoooooo..Saya berbunga keriangan skrg.

Ok.This post is so long oredi.Got to go now. Kene pikir design utk baju nikah plak..hihihi..

Till then..



Mummy H. said...

hey girl, im sure ur baju will turned out to be good. selalunya bila dah dekat nak kahwin (as for me) dah tak peduli baju semua. but unaisah mmg bagus although i've nevr meet her before.