Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Im In The Blue..

While Im busy preparing...planning and berangan-ing about my wedding..I can still recall some people quoting that the engagement preiod is one of the hardest part where all the bad things is going to come to the relationship.

Is this true?

I have been engaged for more than 1 month+ now and until last week I was so happily engaged until this week came. Something happened and I started to doubt myself about..

EVERYTHING..my own self,him,our relationship..is this a good and the right time to get married??

Can anyone tell if they are really2 ready to read the wedding vow and devote your self and your life to someone for the rest of their life(InsyaAllah)?

I never had a real relationship before...I never thought I would have one until I met him..But what if he's not the one?what if he turned out to be the guy that can never understands u?What if both of u keep having different opinions? Knowing myself as a VERY stubborn and KERAS hati so I know it s gonna cause us trouble.

But love is all about accepting and forgiving right?Or not right?

Uhhhhh..right now kalau ikutkan hati mcam-macam dah bisikan syaitan masuk dalam telinga ni..nak jadi solo blk la...nk tangguh weddingla..nak pg oversea la..aduhhh

Dear God, tlglah kuatkan hati hamba-Mu yg lemah ini.




Oasis said...

Amin...moga2 dilembutkan atinya