Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Engagement Details

Hmm how to start ye?majlisnye dah lame berlalu..tapi since gamba baru je dapat,so inilah die..

Date : 05.11.2010
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: My Home Sweet Home,Pandan Indah,Kuala Lumpur
Theme : Soft/Dusty Pink & White

Attire : Dzihni Boutique (previously from Dzull De Classique-019-2248344)
Make up : Has Yusof (013-2059505)
Pelamin : DIY + KerjaKahwin (012-3590594)
Handbouquet: KerjaKahwin (012-3590594)
Hantaran: Done my MUM
Photographer : ShutterPix (Faiz Naquiddin 0176454485)
Doorgift :Chinese Take Away Boxes and Mini Choc Moist Muffin from Ole-Ole Manis (012-3447400)
Hantaran mini fondant cake : Nurul Arbee Creation (016-2861966)
Transparent Canopy: Accer Event (En Jas 019-6644258)
Butterfly Lantern: Sue
Candle decoration: IKEA

Well.. I guess I will start with Alhamdullillah again..for letting my engagement ceremony to be held smoothly..I cant really believe now I am someone's fiancee..Never thot it can be this soon..hmmm mungkin its about time i guess..

As mentioned in earlier post, my theme was pink (any pink you can think of) and white..I was sooooo excited and happy that almost all my girlfrens turned up wearing pink..LOVE you all so much..

The event started around 8.30pm where the guy's side were from Subang right after Maghrib. One thing was I was not really happy of was that I wasnt aware that they already arrived at my house and I was still not ready (my make and my hair still not done!)Luckily I have all my gf who memang duduk dalam bilik all the time to see me getting done so they helped me here and there so I managed to siap just after my aunty called my name to go down.

Actually my mistake jugak because my MA already arrived early but I was still so busy baru nak mandi la, gosok baju la. Natijahnye,kami siap agak lambat dari waktu yg ditetapkan. Anyhow,oklah jgak sempat siap.

Wearing my E-Dress I couldnt describe my feeling..love it so much!Actually previously I wanted Unaisah to do my E-dress but due to some avoidable reason I opted for Kak Ina from Dzihni. People said she is Dzulfadzli 's(the famous make up artist yg buat rancangan Tangkap Muat dengan Rizalman tuh) wife..I guess its true kot cause I takdela plak nk tnye Kak Ina tu kan..

My make up was done by Has Yusof which is actually my ex-coursemate and now doing freelance make up artist..for amature level I guess she is good and very easy to work with..and somehow managed to 'transform" my face jugakla..just look at the photos and u guys be the judge..

My pelamin is actually a mixture of DIY + Kerja Kahwin. Most of the props are from her..She did a wonderful job of mixing the right colour for the pelamin flowers and my handbouquet to match my theme and E-dress..Love her.Will probably work with her again next time..

My photographer of the night was hired by the guy's side. Thanks to my future sis in law for bringing him in..Mr Faiz the cool guy is from shutterpix really did a great job..being very particular and I love most of his shots. Its just that I wish he would have taken more pics on the decorations and the canopy.

My transparent canopy is from Accer Event. Mr Jas was soo nice to give me alot of discount..heheh..and sanggup layan I yg banyak tanye and karenah ni. Service die pun cepat and pantas je. And also at VERY reasonable price. I recommend them..

Next is my doorgift which previously I thought of not having but ntah macamne last minute macam nak jgak ade sebagai pelengkap majlis. They are from Ole-ole Manis and Nad is such a nice lady yang rajin layan I nak itu nak ini..and ikut my bajet. Bagi diskaun jugak..heheh..And the 3 mini choc moist muffin were delicious yummy yaaah!Pic down below you will notice my boxes are sticker with label which is DIY saying -The Engagement of Zharif & Dila 5 Nov 2010.

For hantaran to guy side I did order 5 cute mini fondant cake from Kak Arbee. She's so nice also give me discount and managed to customize the cake according to the design I want.Would love to work with her again..

For decoration, I rent such a beautiful butterfly lantern sbg penyeri meja makan instead of flower centrepieces,those are from Sue (sueannesunshine@blogspot.com)..She and her sis, Liyana were sooo nice and kind la to layan me and tunggu I pulangkan balik lantern tu lambat sebab masing-masing sibuk..hihi..sorry yaaa..candles from IKEA tu I pasang and letak dalam butterfly lantern and also keliling pagar rumah made the look around my house soooooo romantic..suke sgt..

Sekarang rase lega sgt everything that setel cume tinggal nk prepare utk ...ape lagi..kawenla hehe..I had such a lovely ceremony that I wish I can repeat that again..

So feast your eyes with the pics that will explain it all..

Thanks to all my frens who made it that night and for those who did not,well maybe takde rezeki kite nk jumpe. To my family member also who helped a lot and sanggup tak tido to help me siapkan all the doorgifts..heheh...I think that would wrap up my engagement details..so far..Im thankful that everything went as planned. I know all the penat-lelah, months of researching and homework is worth it. If only I can,how I wish I can turn back time and look back at my own ceremony..it is one of the most beautiful thing that happened in my life..Appreciate it so much..



cik sueN said...

tetibe ade mata aku terselit kat belakang Mas.

weh ape dlm goodie bag eh? ada lebeh tak?
aku boleh tak ambek pulak aritu :p