Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Missed "Peter Pan The Musical"?

Yap. I did..

So sad. I was looking forward for it actually. Well the story is like this,I registered myself with The Star to be one of the lucky ones to get myself a seat for the Grand Premiere for the show. Didnt really put too much hope tho..since I know there must be A LOT that were trying their luck.

A week later, I had a miscalled when I was not around my hp and called the number back and it turned out that it was from The Star Publication. Too bad it went to the operator so couldnt track who did really give me a call,the operator said I just had to wait for that person to call me back.At that time I was already thinking about the show but,how can you be 100% sure right? Well, thinking that they might call back so I decided to just wait.

The next day the same thing happened. I was not around. Got the same miscall. Felt so frustrated. Rasa bodoh sangat diri ini kenapala tak pegang je hp tu kemana2 pun pergi kan? Still,I just let it go hoping they will still call again.

Yesterday,when I was in Low Yatt looking for some IT and digital stuff,I got this call from a sweet lady saying "Hi Noordalila, so are you coming today for the Peter Pan The Musical"?..

I was like...&*#%$@$#%$R^^*........was i even selected?She mistakenly thought she already emailed me. NOOOOOO....I never received any email from them...waaaaaaaaaa..

Its not just the Grand Premiere,it was for the "Behind The Scene" part and get to mingle with all the cast and production. OH maN!!!!!

Well.its ok.This is what they say.. tidak ada rezeki.

She mentioned I can still go for the Grand Premiere event.Well...its better than nothing aite?

So now Im waiting for confirmation because those who are selected for "Behind the scene" will be guaranteed a seat for the Grand Premiere.Hopefully this time she will not forget to email me.

Till then...