Friday, November 12, 2010

Detik Itu...

While waiting for the official photographer to deliver his work, I would love to recap some of the things during my engagement day.

It was a pink & white theme..Just the way I want it. Glad that all my frens wore the same (or pretty much) based on the theme.Most of the arrangements was the way I want it. I know sometimes i was being sooooooooo picky and choosy when it comes to the preparation. I want it to be done eactly what I had in my head (hehehe jahatkan?).So ntah dan berapa kali asyik perang je ngn my mum about it..thank god Alhamdulillah at last she understand yang anak die ni memang keras kepala. What to do..

All the elements were there, managed to get the mini dais, pink theme, event-at night,the doorgifts, transparent canopy, sweet handbouquet, nice food by the caterer, fairies lights, jurumekap,my dearest gf,my beloved family members..

I want to write the synopsis of my engagement detail but lets wait for the photos first..mcm x syok pulak bercerita tp xde gamba kan?

I hope I can finish my engagement post quickly so that I can bayar hutang post Hong Kong plak..hihihi..

Till then..