Monday, November 08, 2010

Are You Ready To Be WOW-ed?

Apakah ini?

Hehe..This is the entry I told you about in the last-last post.

1 fine day I received this package and was so excited. Lets check it out!

Anyway,here's an intro:

Do you girls out there still remember how old you were when you first period came? And how was it? I know know some of you must had no idea how to deal with it. What to do? Will it hurt?Which sanitary pads that really suits my needs?...And to me the challenge is to find the RIGHT one.

All these years until now, I think I've tried almost ALL types and brand of sanitary pads. And trust me, now im only being loyal to this one.

Why?Simply because they know what you need. And why you need it. Like for me,my faveret range is from the KOTEX Active. I just love how it keeps you dry and I am never scared that my period will "tembus" u know..

And now....they came out with a new range..

.....and I super love it!

Dont you just love its "coolness"????I mean not just the free stuff but the product itself,how they able to make it soooo coooooool.

Lets see what's inside:

  1. Welcome note(it says there that im amongst the 1st in Malaysia to experience this new product!)
  2. The Look Book
  3. Introduction & Information CD (they provide you with super cool pics and logos also)
  4. 2 cute tins pack of ultrathin design pads sample (love them!)
  5. KOTEX WOW Notebook
  6. And a cute black design mug! (love it love it!)

They came out with these new design:

(Also come in 14's)

And...the limited edition:

(until December only)

Why I say its cool?Just look at their new design...

So,do you still think pads are boring? :)



0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

tak rase boring.. tapi rase macam sayang je nak guna. ehehe.

DalilaMian said... something new kan?