Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Diamonds Are Forever..And a Girl's Best Friend!

So happppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Finally bought "the" ring that I have been eyeing for sooooo longggggggg..

After dah meround satu KL kan....

We went to at least 5 different jewelery shops..Selberan,Love & Co,De Gems,Diamond & Gold,Poh Kong..

Dok mendengar SA die explain kannnn..New Yeok name die..such a nice lady

Macam xde keje lain kan..

Eh kejap..muke aku memang dah tembam lan kan..adoii

Hehehe..yesss..akhirnye perjanjian pembelian sudah ditandatangani..

Finally we decided to buy it here after the 2nd round..And the beautiful ring is from....

Loving it...thanks dear..luv u mucho!



BabyNur Amir said...

sweet sangat weih!!!
tanak post gambar ring tu sebab nk seprais la kan??
cant wait for your engagement day.
nak tgk!
nak tgk!!!