Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mr ?

Reading a lot of other blogs especially b2b blog I always come across the term they use to describe their bf/tunang/bakal tunang/hubby/hubby to be.


Ade Mr Perfect, Mr Finally, Mr He's The One, Mr Right, Mr Hubby, Mr Lova Lova,Mr Everything, Mr X and the list goes on and on. Its is interesting how this panggilan can actually make our relationship more meaningful and sweater..kan? It shows how glad we are to finally found our Mr dot dot dot....

For me, there's no word to describe what he means to me, this relationship may always have it ups and down, high and low, good and bad, but I am glad that we are meant to be together. InsyaAllah...

To me, he is everything as mentioned above.. and neither..hahah macamane tuh? He is not perfect cos nobody is,but his presence completes me. He is not 100% Mr Right cos sometimes when we argue always hope that I will find someone else (jahat kan?). He's not Mr Finally sebab kitorang belum kawen lagi kan? hihihi..

Tapi yang pasti, we just know that he's the one when it feels just right. That inilah die orangnya we spend the rest of our life with, orangnye yang kite akan susah senang bersama, orangnya yang akan kita terima baik buruknye, orangnya yang akan membimbing kita ke arah yang lebih dirahmati, the one to have children with...InsyaAllah.

So..what do U call your other half?