Sunday, September 26, 2010

Im Back!

Haluuu..finally i step my foot on Malaysia land...home sweet home..

Arghhh so tired..

Will update more on Hong Kong stories later..


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Trip


Ade lagi rezeki nak berjalan. This time, Hong Kong it is. Will be going tomorrow. Banyak lagi bende tak pack lagi nih.Actually tak start pack pun lagi..huhuhu knowing me..lembaps. So keadaan sekarang macam kelam kabut jugakla. Might not be updating my blog for a few days (ala..macamla update selalupun kan?heheh)

There selain berjalan-jalan,like I mentioned on my previous post, I also want to look out for anything interesting stuff for my engagement. It can be anything; fabric, hantaran, gifts, mcm2 lah. Harap-harap sempatla memandangkan pergi pun kejap aje.

So I guess that would be it!Pray for my safe journey pergi dan balik dan berjaya membeli barangan yang dihajati bersama-sama buah tangan untuk mereka-mereka yang menunggu kat Malaysia nih.

Till then.Toodles


Saturday, September 18, 2010


Currently what I have in my dreamlist..wahahah..

From ANYA...



Currently out of stock, waiting list yaa for those who want to get their hands on this baby..






Not really into patent tho..but this design is sooooooooo delicious!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

I would like to wish you all..



Thursday, September 09, 2010

Oh Baju Rayaku..

Frust jugakla di kala raya tahun ini tak dpat beraya dengan baju raya ku yang berinspirasikan purple tuh.,Dalam seminggu lebih after raya baru siap katanye.

Well, what can I expect, hantar kain pun few weeks before raya,memangla tak dijamin dapat siap before raya. Sudahnye memang pakai baju kurung ntah zaman bile punye.Takpelah, silap sendiri jugak.

Anyway baju raya tahun ni sebenarnye percubaan untuk baju tunang. Maksudnya,i will have the same design for baju raya and also for baju tunang.Saje nak try test tgk macamne baju tu dekat badan gwe nih,huhu..Sebab suka sangat design macam tu,simple sangat but still least for me lah. Tapi tulah, cantik di badan orang tak semestinya cantik di badan kite jugak kan? So kene la test dulu, kang takut dah siap baju tunang tak kene plak,dont think I want to mengadap orang dengan baju syok sendiri..huhu..

For engagement preparation, not much la dah prepare.In fact takde lagi kot. Tensen jugak macam lembap je rase diri ini. Ape hal ntah. Mungkin I'm in jalan-jalan mood kot. Oh did I tell you where we are going on this 23rd? Ala pergi berjalan dekat -dekat aje. Tu yang kepala ni asyik fikir nak ke sana aje. Mungkin jugak some of my engagement stuff will buy kat sane. Mane tau lagi jimat and cantik. kalo takde, beli kat Malaysia ajelah nampaknye.

Well..till then..


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mr ?

Reading a lot of other blogs especially b2b blog I always come across the term they use to describe their bf/tunang/bakal tunang/hubby/hubby to be.


Ade Mr Perfect, Mr Finally, Mr He's The One, Mr Right, Mr Hubby, Mr Lova Lova,Mr Everything, Mr X and the list goes on and on. Its is interesting how this panggilan can actually make our relationship more meaningful and sweater..kan? It shows how glad we are to finally found our Mr dot dot dot....

For me, there's no word to describe what he means to me, this relationship may always have it ups and down, high and low, good and bad, but I am glad that we are meant to be together. InsyaAllah...

To me, he is everything as mentioned above.. and neither..hahah macamane tuh? He is not perfect cos nobody is,but his presence completes me. He is not 100% Mr Right cos sometimes when we argue always hope that I will find someone else (jahat kan?). He's not Mr Finally sebab kitorang belum kawen lagi kan? hihihi..

Tapi yang pasti, we just know that he's the one when it feels just right. That inilah die orangnya we spend the rest of our life with, orangnye yang kite akan susah senang bersama, orangnya yang akan kita terima baik buruknye, orangnya yang akan membimbing kita ke arah yang lebih dirahmati, the one to have children with...InsyaAllah.

So..what do U call your other half?


Friday, September 03, 2010

10 fascinating flirting facts

Eh bukan untuk saya yee..ini untuk mereka-mereka yang masih single or tak berapa nak mengaku single or not single but available or ape2 jelah..tetibe macam rajin browse nak tgk any interesting article and my eyes were pretty much on this particular ones.

*Haihh..teringat zaman dulu-kala,dimana masih muda dan remaja (haha..sekarang dah tua dah..sedar pun )

So you’ve mastered the art of eye contact and can beckon a romantic prospect with just a few coy glances… but do you really know all there is to know about the fine art of flirting? Just to make sure you’re up to speed, we culled some very surprising information that you can use to your advantage. Read on for some juicy tidbits that may up your meet-cute quotient in no time.

1. Flirting is good for you. Studies show that people who flirt have higher white blood-cell counts, which boost both immunity and health.

2. Think batting your eyelashes is enough? Wrong! All told, scientists say there are 52 “flirting signals” used by humans. Of these, the hair-flip technique is the most common.

3. In some places, flirting is illegal. In Little Rock, AR, an antiquated law is still on the books warning that engaging in playful banter may result in a 30-day jail term. In New York City, another outdated law mandates that men may be fined $25 for gazing lasciviously at a female; a second conviction stipulates the offender wear a pair of blinders whenever he goes out for a walk.

4. Why wait for Friday? Lots of people get their flirt on during their morning commute. A full 62 percent of drivers have flirted with someone in a different vehicle while on the go, and 31 percent of those flirtations, it turns out, resulted in a date.

5. Flirting need not occur face to face. According to the Pew Research Center, 40 percent of people who look for love online say they can easily flirt with someone via email or IM.

6. In the Victorian era, fans were the ultimate playful props that could communicate all sorts of messages. A fan placed near the heart meant “You have won my love.” A half-opened fan pressed to the lips was an invitation, saying, “You may kiss me.” Hiding the eyes behind an open fan meant “I love you,” while opening and closing the fan several times was a chastisement, implying, “You are cruel.” Given how much a fan could come in handy, it’s a shame they ever invented air conditioning.

7. These days, cell phones do the flirting for you. In one survey, half of all mobile phone users have texted flirty messages to keep things interesting while separated from their amour.

8. Watch out; you can overdo it. According to the Social Issues Research Centre, the most common mistake people make when flirting is maintaining too much eye contact.

9. Sometimes, flirty gestures aren’t what they seem to be. Research has shown that men tend to routinely mistake friendly behavior for flirting.

10. Flirting is universal. A woman living in New York City and one in rural Cambodia may not have much in common, but when it comes to attracting a little attention, they both employ the very same move: smiling, arching their eyebrows, then averting their gaze and giggling. Animals flirt, too: birds, reptiles, and even fish have their own way of making romantic advances. The moral of the story: If the simple sea bass can act cute in order to further a romantic agenda, you can, too — so give it a go!


Thursday, September 02, 2010

Nggak Tahu


Tibe-tibe macam pening pulak kepala nih..ntah kenapa..tibe-tibe rasa macam banyak sgt nak kene pikir psl majlis tunang nih.

baju-bile nak start beli kain nih..sketching dah dapat
pelamin-rasa macam nak DIY,mood tibe-tibe nak buat sndiri plak,tp nak kene mengangkot fresh flower la plak
hantaran-belum pape dah start argue ngn my mum psl hantaran punye decoration
doorgift-haritu mmg xnak,tp tetibe belek-belek kat tenet nampak cam lawa plak
makanan- itu biar my parents setelkan..huhu
decoration-dan terbayang-bayang barang nak disewa,tapi reti ke nak decorate?cantik ke nanti?
canopy-dah ade contact2 supplier,tp takut my mum bising sbb mcam over beria bangat
handbouquet- ade hati nak DIY jugak,tapi mcamla reti kan?
jemputan-ta bole nak confirmkan berapa ramai datang sebab still ada 2 bulan cmtu.

Oh..rupe-rupenye takdela senang pun nk organize sume nih..aaarrghhhhh

Adoiiii aiiii