Sunday, July 18, 2010


Right now I am torn......torn between 2..

Not between 2 person or 2 jobs..

But more like to 2 situations

Whether I want to be:

1)The type of girl who always know what she wants,has her head on her shoulder, always in control of herself and so independent of getting what she wants.

2) Or the type who is obedient, always listen to advice,solehah,receiving,and be patient all the time.

For number 1 I will have the most self satisfaction in myself and my life. Never have to depend on someone to get/have something and just live the life to its fullest.The best definition of life is to hang out and have a good time with your besties as much and as far as you can. You need only your BFF whenever you need someone to talk to or to be with. Carrier always first. Love and guys come second. To you if they understand, they'd wait.

For number 2, hmmmm..most probably the type all guys LOVE. You know, softspoken, always let other people decide for her. Thinks that LOVE of a man is everything. Live with a love of her life. Thinks that she will die if the guy is no longer around her. Believe that true love does exist. Thinks that money is not everything. Will do anything her love ask her to do and listen unconditionally too.

Is it wrong if I can be both? Can I? Or either? As much as I want to live and commit with someone I'm also the kind who is really looking for something for self satisfaction and something great to do in my life. To me there's a lot of things to see...places to explore..and sometimes they don't understand how much all those things really mean to me. They just see it as plain selfish ambitions and ridiculous. Not to me.

May Allah lead me to the right path and no matter which way I choose, it will still have a good ending. InsyaAllah..