Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Edisi Jerawat

Right now I have no feeling whatsoever to write eventho my heart is dying to story-mory..

It's due to my face is full with giant-sized pimples!!!!!!

I don't know what's wrong,normally they will only last like a week after my period,but's been 2 painful weeks and they're still THERE!

They're EVERYWHERE (singing Michele Branch's song- "Cause you're everywhere to me"...)...And I even got a name for kiddin..

On the middle of my forehead (The biggest of them all,macam nandek pun ade)-Biggy

On the middle of my chin (The painfullest of all)- Painy

Near my left eye (The longest one ever stayed there)-Leffy

On the far right my upper forehead (Actually there 2 of them)-The twins!

There you go..punyela takde keje sampai jerawat kat muke pun nak bagi name.Hah!

p/s: Ohhh ini tambahan terbaru: Pimple near my left eyebrow,i call them....BROWNIE!



amElyn said...

hahahh.nandek eh??
oh i hate jerawat!! now baru lepas hilang 4 jerawat sebab today my 2nd period day.
how i can stop them from naik menjadik2 eh? dah nak kawen kot! muda remaja takpe lagi berjerawat. =D

DalilaMian said...

amelyn: hehe takpe,kite semua masih lg muda remaja..kan kan?