Monday, June 21, 2010

Breakfast Bar & Food Poisoning

Last Friday,I had a good start with my day since Mr NAZ asked me to join him for breakfast. It's been ages you know!Since we had breakfast together. So he brought me to Chinoz On The Park (COTP) and I was like..they serve breakfast too???

Nevertheless, they do.It was Breakfast Bar at only Rm14.80!

Mr NAZ really recommended me here because he said for a fancy restaurant like this, that price is soooo cheap. And yap, I couldn't agree more.

"What many people don't know (because they hang out at Chinoz only after work) is that Chinoz probably has the best breakfast menu in all of KLCC. If you're tired of nasi lemak but still want rice, try their kedgeree with smoked haddock flakes. Their bread is excellent, so if you want to go cheap, try the sourdough toast with kaya. Warning: if your breakfast budget is below RM10, this is NOT the place for you. Go to Hainan Station at Avenue K instead."

Note: One of many reviews for COTP.

They have a selection of local delicacies like a complete set of Nasi Lemak (cucumber,fried anchovies, kacang and they all quite nice, I love the sambal!), few types of bread and spreads (butter,kaya and jam), muffins, banana cakes, fruits, cereal with fresh milk, juices.

Too bad I did not capture any image tho. Tak sempat.

But we finished our breakfast bar happily and did not complaint about anything. So oklah,but its a different story when it comes to my lunch.

Me and my officemates when to this restaurant where normally have our lunch. I was having MUSHROOMS soup,fish/chicken/meatball ( i'm not sure!) with potato in ketchup, and ayam goreng kampung for my lunch. I knew something was wrong when I tasted the mushroom, it tasted bitter. But I finished them anyway and headed back to office.

Even on my way back I could feel the dizziness and mual-mual kind of feeling. I was thinking what went wrong. But i made it to my office..Fuhhh thank god!

And then things got worse. I was sitting there, trying to hold myself from I wasn't sure what. Whether I wanted to puke, or faint or cried. It felt sooooo bad. And then our supplier pulak datang nak hantar barang.. Adusssss..

Then I said to myself, I will finish this one and will straight away go to toilet. Ape nak jadi..jadilah. Tapi tak sempat supplier tu nak mintak sign aku, dah tak boleh tahan terus pg toilet and puked! Like nobody's business...

Everything went out...

Habisla nasi lemak.

Keluarla roti-roti and muffins and banana cakes pagi tadi..

And also all the juices and fresh milk i drank this morning..

Ohh and also those poisonous MUSHROOMS,potato ketchup sume-sume tu..

But thank god I felt a lot better after the vomit.

I was pretty sure it was the MUSHROOMS!

Man! I am sooooo not going there ever again! And banned MUSHROOMS for like..a months..