Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AIDSAware Campaign Photoshoot

Last week my office organized this photoshoot with local celebrities who support our cause which is to raise public awareness of People With HIV Positive & AIDS. Basically all these generous celebrities are volunteering such as spending their time and energy to help us in all the way they can so that the public knows about us and what are we doing.

We had a total of 4 photoshoots so far and each photoshoot is held once a week. Among those who were willing to join were Erra Fazira, Jojo Struys,Harith Iskandar,Jehan Miskin, Joey G( I know!luv him!), Datuk Marina Mahathir,Asha Gill,Elaine Daly, Daphne Iking, Aishah Sinclair,Sazzy Falak, Sarimah Ibrahim, Amber Chia, Mizz Nina (yeee..yg duet ngn Colby O Donis tuu!) , Tony Eusoff, Yasmin Hani, Deborah Henry, Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina (just to name a few).

I came only at the 4th week and got to meet a few celebrities...

Photoshoot baru je nak start..

With Deborah henry..OMG!She's sooooo damn tall eventho i was wearing heels! Itupun die dah bent down!

With Yasmin Hani,very friendly lady

Tony Eusoff tengah shoot..x ble kacau..

Mizz Nina sedang di"make over"..she was so sweet in real life

All the pictures would be made as a calendar. This is the mock-up.

Actually I was waiting to meet Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina, but when she arrived, I was rushing back and she couldn't be disturbed while being made up. So habislah harapan nk bergambar dengan die..

Since I had to rush back to the office, I missed Amber Chia & Sarimah Ibrahim..Too bad. But it's ok,maybe next time.

For more photos and information go here.



amElyn said...

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