Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Accessorize Yourself

I am not good with accessories. Can never do them right.

That's why if you notice,i hardly have any accessories on me. Be it ring, bracelet, ear rings, necklace or any fancy mancy pin that girl normally put on their head or clothes.

But it's not that i don't like them tho. I really do actually.

It's just that I am not good with mix and match-ing them. I wish i can be really creative to have or put the right ring with the right ear rings or necklace. Or wear a matching necklace with ear ring.

Sometimes I just give up on them.

But when I saw these cute little rings and bracelet at Forever 21, I cannot say no. There are just too irresistible to pass on.

This flower ring is sooooo cute and felt in love with it instantly.

Actually I saw this bracelet in other blogger's page and never thought it looks similarly gorgeous in real life. So I got to have it too!

One funny thing about this bracelet, was that when Mr NAZ first saw me buying it, he thought it was a head band or something. Ade ke?

Meh kite tgk camne rupe die kalau letak kat kepala.

Hmm..not bad!

This is like a good sign that I should start collecting!