Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AIDSAware Campaign Photoshoot

Last week my office organized this photoshoot with local celebrities who support our cause which is to raise public awareness of People With HIV Positive & AIDS. Basically all these generous celebrities are volunteering such as spending their time and energy to help us in all the way they can so that the public knows about us and what are we doing.

We had a total of 4 photoshoots so far and each photoshoot is held once a week. Among those who were willing to join were Erra Fazira, Jojo Struys,Harith Iskandar,Jehan Miskin, Joey G( I know!luv him!), Datuk Marina Mahathir,Asha Gill,Elaine Daly, Daphne Iking, Aishah Sinclair,Sazzy Falak, Sarimah Ibrahim, Amber Chia, Mizz Nina (yeee..yg duet ngn Colby O Donis tuu!) , Tony Eusoff, Yasmin Hani, Deborah Henry, Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina (just to name a few).

I came only at the 4th week and got to meet a few celebrities...

Photoshoot baru je nak start..

With Deborah henry..OMG!She's sooooo damn tall eventho i was wearing heels! Itupun die dah bent down!

With Yasmin Hani,very friendly lady

Tony Eusoff tengah shoot..x ble kacau..

Mizz Nina sedang di"make over"..she was so sweet in real life

All the pictures would be made as a calendar. This is the mock-up.

Actually I was waiting to meet Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina, but when she arrived, I was rushing back and she couldn't be disturbed while being made up. So habislah harapan nk bergambar dengan die..

Since I had to rush back to the office, I missed Amber Chia & Sarimah Ibrahim..Too bad. But it's ok,maybe next time.

For more photos and information go here.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Breakfast Bar & Food Poisoning

Last Friday,I had a good start with my day since Mr NAZ asked me to join him for breakfast. It's been ages you know!Since we had breakfast together. So he brought me to Chinoz On The Park (COTP) and I was like..they serve breakfast too???

Nevertheless, they do.It was Breakfast Bar at only Rm14.80!

Mr NAZ really recommended me here because he said for a fancy restaurant like this, that price is soooo cheap. And yap, I couldn't agree more.

"What many people don't know (because they hang out at Chinoz only after work) is that Chinoz probably has the best breakfast menu in all of KLCC. If you're tired of nasi lemak but still want rice, try their kedgeree with smoked haddock flakes. Their bread is excellent, so if you want to go cheap, try the sourdough toast with kaya. Warning: if your breakfast budget is below RM10, this is NOT the place for you. Go to Hainan Station at Avenue K instead."

Note: One of many reviews for COTP.

They have a selection of local delicacies like a complete set of Nasi Lemak (cucumber,fried anchovies, kacang and they all quite nice, I love the sambal!), few types of bread and spreads (butter,kaya and jam), muffins, banana cakes, fruits, cereal with fresh milk, juices.

Too bad I did not capture any image tho. Tak sempat.

But we finished our breakfast bar happily and did not complaint about anything. So oklah,but its a different story when it comes to my lunch.

Me and my officemates when to this restaurant where normally have our lunch. I was having MUSHROOMS soup,fish/chicken/meatball ( i'm not sure!) with potato in ketchup, and ayam goreng kampung for my lunch. I knew something was wrong when I tasted the mushroom, it tasted bitter. But I finished them anyway and headed back to office.

Even on my way back I could feel the dizziness and mual-mual kind of feeling. I was thinking what went wrong. But i made it to my office..Fuhhh thank god!

And then things got worse. I was sitting there, trying to hold myself from I wasn't sure what. Whether I wanted to puke, or faint or cried. It felt sooooo bad. And then our supplier pulak datang nak hantar barang.. Adusssss..

Then I said to myself, I will finish this one and will straight away go to toilet. Ape nak jadi..jadilah. Tapi tak sempat supplier tu nak mintak sign aku, dah tak boleh tahan terus pg toilet and puked! Like nobody's business...

Everything went out...

Habisla nasi lemak.

Keluarla roti-roti and muffins and banana cakes pagi tadi..

And also all the juices and fresh milk i drank this morning..

Ohh and also those poisonous MUSHROOMS,potato ketchup sume-sume tu..

But thank god I felt a lot better after the vomit.

I was pretty sure it was the MUSHROOMS!

Man! I am sooooo not going there ever again! And banned MUSHROOMS for like..a months..


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FreshLook Illuminate 1-Day Trial


Look what i got that came into my mail box today!


Free a pair of coloured lenses!

Actually I dont remember when I take part of their promotion. And I don't remember the color of lense that I chose either. ..Hahah..but it's oklaa..free stuff what..

Since it's a 1-Day Trial pack, I need to think when is the best to try it on..

Thank you so much Ciba Vision!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Wedding + Ring Crasher

Last night I went with my parents to their friends's son's wedding.. Hahaha berbelit-belit. The wedding was in JB so on our way there we stopped at one of the R&R to solat and saw this:

So cute!

Anyways here are some of the pics for that night.

(Again,please bear the blurry pics..need a new cam plus my bro is such a non-profesional photgrapher. He just hates to take picture)

Cute kan flower boy die?

I love my new bracelet, baru je plan nak rasmi cincin baru tapi...

I am now officially a ring crasher!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Killer Heels..Or The Heel That Kills?

Charles & Keith is one of my favourite when it comes to shoes besides Aldo, Bata, Vincci, Nose, Eclipse, Hush Puppies and many other brands.And also Manolo, Loboutin, Choo's, Stuart Weitzman, Roger Vivier, (haha in your dream!) Oh man..I think whenever I went to MidValley or 1Utama, I never miss the chance to drop by at this designer outlet just to get something to grab. I mean..their shop are very nice, all bright and it's like a sin or crime in fashion if you did not buy anything there.hahaha

But to bad just when I have everything it takes to own their pair of shoes..I just don't or couldn't find the right one.It's just felt wrong all the way. Design ni tak kena la,tinggi sangatla, color tak sesuai warna kulitla..dan macam-macam lagi. So at the end I end up not buying.

Bila tengok dalam website, semua cantik,semua nak beli. Tapi bile dah tgk real life and pegang-pegang..mesti tak jadi beli. Frust jugak sebab harganya sangat berpatutan. Sangat affordable. Lebih kurang macam Eclipse punye shoes collection la. Cume C&K ni lagi banyak selection. Memang rambang mata mak dibuatnya.

So when I browsed their official website and their Facebook page, again my desire to own a pair
urged me so I know I gotta share this with you out here.


Meet The Collection of Charles & Keith Signature Label Summer 2001 | Modern Renaissance

Gambar-gambar yang dipaparkan ini adalah yang paling disukai oleh saya antara banyak-banyak kasut yang lain. Feast your eyes!

Punyela suke sampai kalo boleh nak beli semua-semua sekaligus dengan beg-beg tu sekali. Baru puas hati aku haaa..but..to be honest,high heels ni tak dinafikan memang sangat cantik dipandang dan dipakai. It actually boost my confidence level when I know I'm a few inch taller..hehehe. Tapi (heh berapa banyak tapi daaaa) one of the reason me not buying them because I don't wear them that often (anymore). Seriously,if 3-4 years back, I wore them like everyday okayyyyyy..Bestnye rase mase tu xde effect pape pun. Aku memakainye kemana jua..hatta ke kedai runcit sekalipun..hahah KIDDING! ( Atau adakah itu petanda aku dah tua???)

Anyways..nowadays is not the same anymore. I get backpains and my feet get lenguh very quickly. Pakai sekejap je kaki ni dah mintak-mintak ampun suh tanggalkan kasut tu sebab melecet, lenguh, tumbuh bunion, berdenyut-denyut,heh macam-macam lagilah. Sebenarnye frust jugak sebab ikutkan hati masih lagi meronta-ronta nak pakai killer heels macam ni:

And these:

Sangat cantikkan? Tapi akuilah, BEAUTY IS PAIN (in the ass). Tipula kalo kate pakai kasut tinggi melambung macam tu lame-lame tak sakit. Sakit beb. I think all the girls out there pun bersetuju dengan aku. Belilah kasut mahal macam mane pun, kalo dah pakai selalu and dalam jangka waktu yang lama..tak kemana pun..balik-balik selipar jepun mak tu jugak yang sedap dipakai kemana-mana.

I know sekarang ni trend kasut tinggi yang tapak tebal tu. And I admit it that they are gorgeous.Sometimes I buy them for the sake of liking the design only eventhough I know I'm not gonna wear them pun. Contohnye macam kasut Aldo I ni:

To be very honest I know that I probably won't event wear them often when buying them but I love everything about the shoes! Well, except the fact that they hurt you feet like HELL! Rasenye boleh dibilang dengan jari kaki dan tangan berapa kali aku pakai kasut ni. Macam nak jual je..ade ke orang nak beli?

Itu ajelah nak cakap. Cerita pasal kasut sampai besok pun tak habis kan?

Errr..bag C&K ni ala-ala macam Belvedere from Anya Hindmarch pun ade kan?


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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Marchesa Bridal gown..the one that caught my eyes.

Draped chiffon strapless dress with embroidered bodice

As worn by Selena Gomez at the 2009 Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Also comes in white.

mmmpphhmmmm!!!..(mode berangan lagik)


p/s:pics are from net-a-porter & marchesa.com

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Selamat Pengantin Baru

Went to Zila's wedding..cantik nye pelamin die,baju die and mekap die..

Was so kelam-kabut during the day..I made it to the wedding with Mr NAZ but couldn't stay long. Nak bergamba ngn pengantin pun tak sempat. So curik jela gamba-gamba ni dari Facebook kengkawan die..huhu..

Selamat Pengatin Baru Zila...semoga kekal hingga ke anak cucu cicit..

p/s: Will update more once she uploaded her pics..hihihi


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Accessorize Yourself

I am not good with accessories. Can never do them right.

That's why if you notice,i hardly have any accessories on me. Be it ring, bracelet, ear rings, necklace or any fancy mancy pin that girl normally put on their head or clothes.

But it's not that i don't like them tho. I really do actually.

It's just that I am not good with mix and match-ing them. I wish i can be really creative to have or put the right ring with the right ear rings or necklace. Or wear a matching necklace with ear ring.

Sometimes I just give up on them.

But when I saw these cute little rings and bracelet at Forever 21, I cannot say no. There are just too irresistible to pass on.

This flower ring is sooooo cute and felt in love with it instantly.

Actually I saw this bracelet in other blogger's page and never thought it looks similarly gorgeous in real life. So I got to have it too!

One funny thing about this bracelet, was that when Mr NAZ first saw me buying it, he thought it was a head band or something. Ade ke?

Meh kite tgk camne rupe die kalau letak kat kepala.

Hmm..not bad!

This is like a good sign that I should start collecting!


Monday, June 07, 2010

Of Tops & Outerwear

Browsing all these websites is HEAVEN!

From Forever 21




For those yang tak suke seksi-seksi (macam saye..hehehe) all the above tops can also be worn with these selection of jackets, cardigan or wraps from :


Forever 21

Yeahhhh..mari shopping!( Too bad the ones that I want cannot be found locally..*sigh*)