Saturday, May 22, 2010

MLM Or Skim Cepat Kaya?

Today, a friend of mine invited me to attend an event in one of local shopping complex. She said there will be shows, performance, and lucky draws. Actually i didn't event know what event it was and who else would be attending.

So i agreed to go, well thinking that we haven't hang out together for quite sometimes. But she said i had to wear something in certain color to follow the theme because if i didn't i wont be eligible for the luck draw. So..okay..I went ahead with the theme.

But when i got there..guess what the event actually was.

To me, it was no different from other MLM or Get-Rich Quick Scheme.

As usual, they called up their members who already got 5-6 figures salary per month by joining them to give a speech, showed off all the luxury sports cars and bla bla bla..


To me, personally I didnt think that that they were bluffing or what but i dont think there are no such things as getting rich quickly. I would say all these MLM thingy CAN make you rich if you are really into it. But i'm not.

As simple as that.

So if she wants to get involved with that..fine with me.

All I can say that she brought the wrong person to the event. Sorry.

Oh by the way I didnt win anything for the lucky draw tho..*sigh* always no luck.