Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let's Pamper Your Face

Don't you just love it when you had a really loooooooooooooooooong, tiring and exhausting day and at the end of the night all you want is some treat to yourself.

I do.

Ok,but for me, I just do it my way.

Apart from body massage, spa & sauna, one of my favorite would be facial! And i mean D-I-Y at home!

Since I am a very simple lady, so I only use minimum and simple things to (hehe padahal mmgle takdok duit nak spend kat situ kannn).

These are what I use:

St Ives Scrub & Masque

I will start with the scrubbing. Gosok and gosok and gosok sampaila sume daki-daki itu hilang and until your face feel very smooth.

Next will be the masque. Actually I prefer the clay-type of masque because it will leave your face that tight kinda feeling as if it is firm and tight. But i decided to try something new and use the peel-off masque for a change.

After the masque is dry until you can peel-it off (that's why it's called peel-off masque right? heheh). Wash your face clean and try this simple eye treatment. Used tea-bag is always believed to reduce the puffiness and dark circle around your eyes. So just take 2 of it, wash them and just put on your eyes.

 you go..Simple haa..After done you can feel your face as fresh, smooth and clean as it can be. Your eyes also!

Lepas tu barulah boleh treat perut pulak!

Man....Wall's Selection Cookies & Cream..walaaahh

This is what you call a real self-treat!

Don't forget to try this at home..