Friday, May 07, 2010

Hair Make Over Anyone?

I can say that am blessed to have a thick, black and straight hair (eventho now it's not so black and straight anymore).

The last time i got my haircut was Nov last year. Hmmm make it almost 6 months now and i can't believe how long it has grow! Oh hair really grow so fast!

Last time the length was just touching my shoulder and now it touches my chest already.

It's time to do something about it.

I found an interesting website here where you are able to have a virtual hair makeover. This is sooooo useful. I always want to know how I will look like with various hair styles without even have to do any changes to my hair! Actually there are a lot of this type of website on the net, like this, this and this. But i chose this one since it is more user friendly.

You can start by uploading your own photo or just use any of the model's photo provided. Well, of course I want to use my own. But that's the hardest part,hehehe. I dont have the right photo. So i just took a quick one using my phone with the help of my brother (thanks bro!) and just use that one.

So here's are the result. These are a few of my favorite hair makeover.

Gaya asal (gaya bibik):


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Ye saya tau ia BURUK! Ada yang macam bapuk pun ade. Hahaha...But it's ok. I'm doing it just for fun anyway. So nasihat kepada sesiapa yang nak try virtual hair makeover ni upload la gamba yang mengikut requirement k.

Kesimpulannya, still mau gaya rambut yang dulu, tak pun nak try perm kan rambut. Itu tak pernah try lagi tuh..