Friday, May 28, 2010

Emo Lagi

Oooo my god..marahnye akooooo

I don't know why lately i've been feeling and having this anger to like...everyone.

I almost hit another car the other day, i had a fight with my brother till i slapped him realllllyyyyy bad, I havent talk with Mr NAZ for almost a week, i feel bad staying at home.....

Arrghhhhhhh..what the hell is wrong with me?????ooooo it's all because of him!!!!!

Maybe I need a vacation...or a good massage..or a new bf?


misha.w said...

arituh baru balik lgkawi, takkan nak gi bercuti lg? huhu..try to control your emotions. tak elok marah2, tak healthy. tc babe!

MyNewJourney said...

hehe..langkawi tu keje..x sempat pun nk cuti noks..anyway lately ni mmg asyik nk marah je..sume bende nk baling..kene banyak istighfar nihh..fuhhhh..cmne la kalo aku pregnant nnti kan..