Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Departure


How to start?Hmmm..well..I only finished final packing all my stuff a 7 hours before we depart actually. Quite a last minute haaaa.. I only carry 1 luggage and 1 handbag. Tak sangka dapat mengepack dan mengcompress sume tu dalam satu beg sahaja. Because that is normally not me. Hehehe..

So i'm ready to go!

I was waiting for my mis, BIL and a relative of us in KL Central. From here we took the Skybus to the airport.(Look at my face all pale and colourless, these days i really really refrain myself from using any make-up). Rimas kot.

We finally made it to the airport (setelah banyak kekecohan berlaku)

From left: My BIL, my sis, my dad, my mum,my bro & me

Already in the waiting area.

Since we took a night flight so it was kinda cold..


Next was the painful 7 hours++ journey to the destination.

To be continued....