Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Around The World In 80 Days

Ehhh..tajuk di atas tu sekadar tajuk saje yeee..tapi kalo bole alangkah bestnyeee..

Traveling around the world has always been my dream since i was a little girl. It's hard to describe why. While some people do or spend their money on other things such as electronic gadget, make-ups (for women), cars..i'd rather keep my money for something more satisfying..traveling.

I would say that in my mind I have 4 dream cities that I'm dying to go or at least i will step my foot on before i die..hahaha..

1) London (ade cerita disebaliknya)

2) New York (city of fashion)

3) Paris (kota cinta)

4) Rome (kota sejarah)

Well, typical right?Memangla semua orang nak pergi tempat-tempat kat atas tu kan?

But I also read this article on Yahoo about 10 Affordable New Hot Spots, check them out ya:

10 destinations — from Malaysia to Marseille — that fuse style, authenticity, and affordability.

1) Langkawi, Malaysia (hehe..I'm going this Friday!job thingy..)

2) Marseille, France

3) Nanjing, China

4) Moravia, Czech Republic

5) Ko Lanta, Thailand

6) San Blas, Panama

7) El Calafate, Argentina

8) Auckland, New Zealand

9) Dakar, Senegal

10) Rusinga Island, Kenya

Hmmm..mane satu nak kejar ni?

p/s: Pics are from Yahoo