Thursday, April 08, 2010

Online Shopping

It will turn mid of autumn in Gold Coast in the next following week and the weather will be kinda cold ranging from 8 to 20 degrees. So a simple cardigan or cardigan sweater to wear is just the way to go.

You have no idea how I've been looking high and low for the perfect cardigan sweater. Me and my mum spent the whole entire week last week hunting major shopping mall just to find one. But believe me? nadaaa...

KLCC -checked
Mid Valley -checked
Sogo -checked
The Curve -checked
Sunway Pyramid -checked
Subang Parade -checked
Alamanda -checked

I went to all major boutiques: Zara, MNG, Forever 21, GAP, Naf Naf, Mark & Spencer, Parkson, Jusco, Metrojaya, Isetan bla bla bla

Only left The Gardens, Pavilion, One Utama, but i gave up exhausted!

I know i am being picky sometimes when it comes to certain items that i desire. For instance, the cardigan sweater that I'm looking for actually has to be exactly like this:

Except that it doesn't have to be that thick.

But as always, when you're not looking for one, its right there in front of your nose, but when you do..puffffs its just disappear.

That's why i opted for a second alternative: Online shopping!

Gamba yang di atas tu is from Calvin Klein and sangat mahal so memang tolak tepi. Saya nak cari yang sedang-sedang sahaje. al-maklumlah duit pun tak ramai.

I know how addictive you can be when it comes to online shopping that's why this time I'm being very careful and even promised myself not to get carried away because my main objective is to find my cardigan sweater only yaaaa.

I've browsed through so many retail websites and currently I'm spoiled with choices! Currently i have my eyes on Warehouse, Forever21, GAP and some unfamiliar US retail websites.

But still i have one more problem..they don't ship internationally ESPECIALLY to Malaysia (Some websites do ship to Singapore,Thailand and Philippine but not Malaysia..*sigh)

Okay, to cut it short, I've narrowed down my choices and they are:

These are from :



Dorothy Perkins

Yang mana satu idaman kalbu?



misha.w said...

beli kt travellers jek. yg jual byk2 sweater dr pelbagai suhu tuh. kt OU ade, kt sg wang pon ade. harga pon murah gak.

DalilaMian said...

dah tgk kt situ..xde yang berkenan la.ayway..aku dah selamat mmbeli daaa..huhu..tq le