Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Kau Pergi Jua

Sedih sangat tak kala entry ni ditulis.

Remember my post about the cats that live at the back of my house?

Well, a lot of them are gone. I dont know why. Gone here i mean dead okay. There's a rumors saying that some neighbors fed them with food that contained rat poison so that they will die slowly and their quantity will decreased so they wont bother them anymore.

Yap..i saw it myself that they did die slowly indeed.What a cruel thing to do.

These are my favourite :

Now both of them are gone.

Yang kucing mata celak ni pergi dulu, mula-mula die menjadi sangat kurus,lepas tu lembik and then tak bergerak-gerak dah.

Lepas tu yang ini plak hilang ntah kemana.

Kalau dulu jumlah kucing mencapai belasan ekor, sekarang ni tak lebih 10 pun rasenye.

Tinggalkan yang ini aje. And a few more.

*sob sob