Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yippiee Yayy

Im back! And now with some updates. This week wasn't a really good week for me, since i had my toothache , my period pain, my Warehouse Sweater order was canceled due to some credit card problem, i still couldn't find the right handbag to bring and bla bla bla.

Basically, i hate this week.

But..not all bad things will last forever. Remember this post? Where i narrowed up my options for sweaters that i like? What happened was i made up my mind to purchase a cardigan sweater from Warehouse. Yeah I know they dont ship to Malaysia but my friend Rina (who's currently reside in Leicestershire,UK) yang sangat baik hati dan sporting telah sanggup untuk mengshipkan baju tu to i will buy the sweater, with shipping address is Rina's house and once she received it she will directly post it to me, since post office pun depan umah die je..(heheh, siapla ko lepas ni jadik posmen aku..heheh just kidding)

I waited for 2 days just to know that my order was canceled due to :

Dear Ms Mian

Thank you for your email.

Please be advised your online order has had to be cancelled within the system. This is due to our site currently being unable to accept payment with cards registered to banking authorities located outside of the UK and Ireland if the delivery is located outside the UK.

Please accept my apologies for any disappointment and inconvenience caused and if I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Even though Rina volunteered to buy it for me first but i don't think there is time.I'm going on 22nd and that was already 12th. Unless I opted for express courier which was wayyyyyyy too expensive. The sweater only cost me GBP23.95 plus local shipping but the courier is around GBP34. What the heck right? So i knew right away that Warehouse Sweater is not an option.

But..luckily mas told me I should try Berjaya Times Square. They have a lot of shops there. And i'm glad i did! Finally i found this shop where they sell sweaters like soooooo cheap.

The one i couldn't get:

The one i could get my hands on:

So okla kan..lebih kurang same la tu. Now i only need to alter it. I'm gonna shorten it a bit since it's a free size and saiz XS or S takde. that's about it. Alhamdulillah my gigi pun dah ok after amek ubat hospital, perut dah tak sakit lagi. Tinggal nak cari beg aje.. Ya Allah tolongla kabulkan permintaan hambamu ini, Amin.



misha.w said...

persiapan gi gold coast mcm persiapan nak kawin. hehe

MyNewJourney said...

haaaa..itula pasal.sebab sume bende xde.itu ko x tgk lg kalo aku nk kawen cmne..hehehe

Puan ALeya said...

Dila!!!!...Adoii...baru baca the comment that u left in my inbox..huhu..sorry!!!..

almaklumla jarang update blog and tak perasan juge komen yg ditinggalkn..huhu...I aktif byk sket kat FB..if anything, msg kat FB okeh..sorry again babe!

Enjoy your holiday in Perth!!!..take lotsa of pics okay!

MyNewJourney said...

Puan Aleya: Its ok dear.Dah xde rezeki.lagipun hikmahnye i jumpe yg lagi murah..huhu..anyway its Gold Coast sygku..bukan Perth..Yg Puan Misha plak ingt Melbourne..haha