Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This entry is about both, the series and friends.

In the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series, for the guys, i love Chandler the most..i really adore him. Even until now I'm still his biggest fan. He is such a funny man.I can say that i love every single joke that he cracked. How crazy is that.

Well, for the ladies...I'd say i love all 3 of them. Monica, Rachel and Phoebe. Each of them present their character very very well and it remains unique at a very special kind of way. No matter what happened, they always stick together. Ohh, how i wish the series never reached its end. It will definitely be my all-time favorite series ever.

About my friends...hmmm, i really don't know how to say it. I love them all. But I'm not sure whether they love me. Some still in contact with me, some just vanish/disappear/lost contact/hibernated/moved on with new life and new friends and don't even bother about the friendship we used to have/ migrated.

I have to admit that i am quite upset/disappointed with them who just don't care to even reply my SMS, let alone made the first move to contact me. It's not that I'm saying that I'm a diva or what but i don't think it will hurt to just keep in touch with each other..right? No harm right? Some just gave dozens of excuses when asked to get together. Busy kerjalah, outstationla, kerja shift malam la, tapi dalam Facebook kemain aktif plak bersosial sini sana dengan kawan-kawan baru.

I just don't get it. Serious...I don't get what are they trying to show here. Was it me? Or was it them?

Ahhh..forget about them..suke hatilah kan..dorang punye badan, dorang punye kredit telefon, takkan kite plak nak paksa-paksa ye tak?

Anyway... i pray for long live and happy life for all my friends!

Remember..a friend in need is a friend indeed. Sape-sape kawan saya yang terasa bile baca entry ini, maaf dipinta..tidak berniat nak mengata or mengutuk sesiape, cume meluahkan rasa yang terpendam di hati.



zLa said...

hmmm..totally understood. have a friend who claimed me as her bff but then it always comes to me to made the first move. she? hmm..senyap je..

i wonder if the friends in friends still contact each other afer chandler & monica move out from that apartment...

DalilaMian said...

thank u dear..glad u can understand..x paham sesetengah orang ni..anyways..i baru sampai season 7 cite FRIENDS tu..dorang belum pindah lagi from that apartment..hehe..can't wait to watch it.