Thursday, April 29, 2010

Anya's Ink

I am always a big fan of Anya Hindmarch handbag collection, to me it's very vintage, times and she always play with a safe color which i like the most. So when i received an invitation from Anya to one of its event in KLCC, i jumped at the opportunity right away!

Not just they will show their latest Spring Summer Collection but also they will be in-store tattooist! And plus 20% discount on their new arrival! How good is that?

At first I thought it will be the permanent tattoo only but when they told me it's just a temporary tattoo, i was thinking..why not?

But since they were a lot of other customer waiting to be tattooed, i took the chance to browse their latest collection and it was so seductive

Their refreshment table, too bad i didnt snap the cute little marshmallow cake and creme brulee pictures to show here.

Me while browsing around..

My company for that day..Mr NAZ

Waiting for my turn..

While been a professional tattooist.. she's really cool with all the tattoos all over her body..Actually on that day,for the customers, she only used the sticker type of tattoo..fuhhh ingat gune cat betul td.

And this is the design i chose for my haaaa

Close up sket

While holding his hand..

Mari kita buka apa ada dalam Anya's goodie bag!

Nothing much, Be A Bag catalogue, Spring Summer Catalogue (which i already had)
and a Note Book

I Love Anya's Bag!



bride2wife said...

20% off for new arrival???!!bestnya..!!
even Raya sale pon they are offering 15% off, and 20% for the backdated collection..

Wisdom Teeth Pain said...

wow yar really awesome handbags..i would love to buy it and u have a nice tattoo..