Monday, March 22, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Among all the type of shoes there is in this whole wide world of fashion, I think the last i am gonna get for myself is...


I dont really know why,its just that i dont think it's a comfortable to put feet in right? I never really wear one but i guess with the look of it I know. Lagipun boots ni orang pakai macam kat oversea time winter....nampak kelesssss gitu. Kalo kat Malaysia pun pakai time bile ade fancy event or clubbing..

But hey dont get me wrong, I would loveeeee to have one. You know sometimes when i see some girls who know how to wear it the right time,place and attire to match them with..I always told myself "I am so gonna get one myself..someday".

And for my trip next month, which is exactly a month from now (okay..I know i havent told you guys yet where i'm going right?wokeh..will blog about it later..promise!)

While i was browsing around the net to look for any nice boots i came across this website Bakers Shoes , I instantly fall in love with their range of boots! They range from Over The Knee Boots, Ankle Boots, Casual Boots, Slouch Boots, Get Cozy Boots..So much choices!

Well, let's check them out:

Ankle Boots?

These 4 are my favorites.. more!

And some of these..

Nice haaaa...

What about Over The Knee Boots?

Boots yang tak berapa nak tinggi?

Yes! Now i think i'm ready to shop for boots!