Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Birthday 2010 (Part 4)

Met my BFF today..cik Mas..

So kind of her to treat me something...she asked me what i want..I couldn't think of any.So i just suggested that we can have a good,long chat in a good place to eat.

She agreed.

So we decided to go here:

This is the one at The Gardens. Actually i don't know they have it here. I have only been to Alexis, Great Eastern Mall,Jalan Ampang before.

It's nice and cosy here it's just that they don't have band performances like the one at Great Eastern Mall, not that i could see any.

And here comes the best part..ordering the food!

Since it was 5.00 pm so i was not thinking to get anything heavy so i settled for their Caesar Salad.

It was crunchy and yummmmmmy!

We also ordered Alexis Club Sandwich..perfect for the evening.

Big portion haaa..

Uissshhh..manenyeee...lapa ni

Dah sampai ke?

Yey yey..makanan udah sampe!

Actually i loveeeee this...I've been trying this mocktail at every possible restaurant that serve it. Hmmm it turned out to be not too bad..

Shirley Temple..I'm such a big fan!

Ooooo but i'm telling you..still cannot beat the one i had at California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC..the best in town! Plus they serve it better there..

Ohhh gosh..i was on candid camera!

Errkkk..Alhamdulillah..dah kenyang..

I had a great day! Thank you Mas! I love you!



Miu said...

if i am not mistaken u won something from magazine.... or it's someone's else name