Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Birthday 2010 (Part 2)-It's Karoks Time!

Another sweet thing for my birthday.

My dearest colleagues back at PETRONAS. How i love them for being there...always.

So they took me to this one karaoke place after work so that we can melalak our voice out. Fuhhh..we really good at that.

Thank god all 4 of us share the same interest and satu kepala when it comes to this release tension thingy.,Kak Dai,Shakila and Nona had a blast time that day!

While we were walking to the karaoke,Shakila and Nona suddenly stopped and asked me and Kak Daiana to go first cause Shakile mentioned she left something at the office. So we were kinda..okay..hey but it's a good thing that we can book the room first and got to choose the songs!heheheh..

But later i knew what they we really up to..

My surprise Birthday Cake!

See my name on it??So sweet huh..

Senyum dulu before potong kek

And the cutting ceremony begin....

Kak Daiana was so excited to sing!

Oh gosh..i wish i can put more pics but that's all i have. The rest of it whether is in Nona's camera or Shakila's. Anyways we were having so much fun that we couldn't even bother to snap pictures..

I miss this..i really do.Thanks for everything.

p/s:We have been to this karaoke few times and since we really sing out heart out (plus all the dancing on the sofa in the karaoke room) most of the staff there already recognized us..hahaha