Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Birthday 2010 (Part 1)

Such a sweet and simple occasion for my birthday this year...

Since im getting older year by year (yeahh of course..who doesn't?) ..this year i decided it has to be more simple yet moderate..Yeahhh its not that i dont appreciate being older tho.hehe

As usual, a meal treat is a must in almost every occasion right?

And i had mine at TGI Friday The Curve..

This is what keep me coming back again!

Its Mac and Cheese something something...hehe forgot the name as always

Mouthwatering and tender deep-fried all time favorita!

Also..Chicken something-something...hhehe.Die punye keledek goreng was sooooo nice!

My favourite pasta!nama x hengat! Its Olio & Shrimp something-something

Sebagai penyegar tekak,both of us had a refreshing Ice Lemon Tea and its refillable!And also chocolate browny for desert (no photo since browny tu dah jadi sangat lembek and nampak mcm pelik je)

After the meal, Mr NAZ dragged me to the centre of the Flea Market and we met with his cousins and sisters there. I was taken by a surprise when the band there sang a Happy Birthday song to me! and oooo not to forget they were also celebrating Mr NAZ's cousin Olie belated birthday.

Okay..i know..gambar apekah ini? actually they were singing the Birthday Song to us..if only this pic can be heard!

Me and Olie. Muda belia lagi orangnye.

Its blowing time!

Cam whoring time!


And..for my pressie....

Specially for my trip next month!Thank god it was on sale tho or else it costs us a bomb!

Thanks everyone especially my B for having this special surprise for me..I really really appreciate this.

Next...karoks and another birthday cake...