Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gold Coast Here We Come!

In less than 1 month from now, me and my family are going to have our official family trip for the 1st time 20 years?

I have always love to travel but due to my father's busyness and other important things that he needs to take care of, there's always been a delay. But Alhamdulillah, this time,it seems like its going smoothly and as planned.

If you are aware, this Gold Coast trip is due to the cancellation of Abu Dhabi flights by Air Asia in early February 2010 that caused us to re-route our journey to Gold Coast instead at no extra coast.

We were pretty upset at first,because, well we have booked a hotel, planned our itinerary,asked around about places to go there, made our budget and bla bla's God's will,maybe some other time..but heyy we can at least go somewhere else..right?

So Gold Coast it is.

So up to today, we have booked our hotel (after canceling the Dubai hotel of course), plan our itinerary and budget. In the next post i will share with you our itinerary for the whole trip.Oooh, we are going for 4 days 3 night by the way..Such a short trip but..what to do..ongkosnya nggak ada sihh..

And yours truly is kinda bersengkang mata-mengikat perut jugakla nak mencukupkan duit nak menyampaikan kat sana nanti..huhu..but it's gonna be exciting.I can't wait.

And if any of you, have been there, will go there soon or would like to go there someday.... pleassseeeee..pleaseee and pleaseeeee share your idea or experience with me. Maybe you have a better idea of where to go or which car rental company that is cheap and reliable there or any free activity that we can do there which is not advertised on the net so we can save budget some-more..yahooooo.

Well, till then..adios mate!


p/s: I just got a letter from SPA today. I need to go for an exam..fuhhh..never been to SPA exam before..any tips?