Sunday, February 28, 2010

My First Photoshoot (Part 2)

Jeng jeng jeng...

Seperti yang dijanjikan...

Actually since this is my first time..mind all the kaku-kaku punye pose k? We were lucky because our photographer for that day,En Ijat was being very helpful and sporting melayan karenah kami yang gila-gila ni. Kak Zai pun very friendly orangnye. And all these pics adalah straight dari dvd yang diberi. Belum edit-edit lg..

There are almost 550 pics altogether and i don't know which to show here. But after spending like hours sorting them...

Well..say no more..Just enjoy the pics..

Gambar riang-ria

With Kak Zai,our make-up artist

P/S:Mcm seronok plak dpt tangkap gambar ni...

Friday, February 26, 2010

My First Photoshoot (Part 1)

Mission No 7 accomplished!

Do you have any idea what i'm talking about?

Scroll down pleaseeee...

Its my first photoshoot..

Its always been my dream to have my own make over and photo-shoot. And it's with my girlfriends.

This photoshoot was done in collaboration of Zaifie Zainal & White room studio by Pixelmedia in their studio at Desa Melawati.

Let's check out what happen BEFORE the photoshoot.

Mmg xde keje sementara menunggu Lea dimekapkan

Lea dah siap daaaa

AnaCinta punye turn pulakk..ehh nmpaknye aku ke yang last??

Time saye plak..kenapa muke cuak???Saya tak takut...cume nerves jeeee

Ehem ehem


Eh eh..ini belum lg yaaa....kalo nak tgk resultnye..tungguuuuuuuuuuuu


Anya Hindmarch Secret Sale

Received an email today...


Fuhh..mencabar keimanan..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My routine..

Each and everyday i will have almost the same schedule :

It starts with:-

6.30-6.45 am - wake up (dgn hati dan badan yang beratnyeeee)

6.45-7.00 am- mandi (brrrrrrrr)

7.00-7.15 am - solat,bersiap dan apa2 yang sewaktu dengannyeee (kadang2 item yg 1st tu ikut dan je,isshhhh jahat)

7.15-7.20 am -Bergerak ke ofis (im driving now,so have to be mentally & physically prepared with the traffic jam and all)

7.40-7.45 am - Still on the road (panas nihhh)

7.45-8.00 am- Still in the traffic jam (warrhhhgghh rasenye kalo merangkak pun dah lame sampai ni)

8.00-8.15 am- I reach office (finally...)

8.15-1.00 pm-

1.00-2.00 pm- It's lunch time! (mane lg kalo tak 2nd floor,4th floor,Avenue K, fastfood..itu aje,xde variety langsung kan)

2.00-5.00 pm-Sambung keje..keje...keje

5.00-7.30 pm- Overtime..keje dan keje dan keje..(tapi x dapat claim overtime pun)

7.40-7.45 pm-Driving back home (penat sehhhhhh)

8.20-8.30 pm- Reach home sweet home!(heh..sweet ke?)

8.30-10.00 pm-Layan tv sat with my mum sambil borak2 (ambek hati..hehehe)

10.00-10.15 pm-Berangan kejap dalam bilik

10.15-10.30 pm-My late night bath (x baik untuk kesihatan tau sbnrnye)

10.30-10.45 pm- Berangan lagi..( kan berangan? Jadi penyanyi ke..pelakon terkenal ke,kawen jutawan ke,jadi Miss World ke,dapat dok oversea ke..okay..udah-udah le tu)

11.00- 12.00 am- Melayari internetku yang lembap ini (Update blog,cek email,googling)

12.00-1.00 am- Bergayut-ing with my Mr NAZ.

1.00-6.45 am-zZzzZzZzZzzzzZZzzz

Itu sajelah rutin harian saye setakat ini,tapi ini tidak termasuk weekend la ye puan-puan..itu lain post pulak..

Agak-agak nye bile la rutin ni nak berubah kan?



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Travel Deal

Remember my post about this?How i'm taking my baby steps to achieve what i want in this life?Well, it seems that it's going pretty well.I'm referring to item no 3 specifically.

Last year i did make plan to travel somewhere. I wrote about it here. But i didn't reveal about the destination though. I thought it's going to be a surprise for you guys.

But it turned out that I was the one to be surprised!

Okay,i was planning for a trip to Dubai.

Yap..Dubai it is..err it was.

I booked the ticket on Nov 2009.There would be 8 of us. Me,my mum,my pa,my 2 older sisters,my lil brother,my bro-in-law and a relative. You might not believe this but the price was so GOOD! Yeah it was a promotional season for Dubai at that point of time since AirAsia just launched their D-7 flights to Abu Dhabi. It cost not more than Rm500 for a return ticket per person.

I was so excited.In my mind I could already pictured these:

I couldn't wait to see Dubai at night, the famous Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, experience Desert Safari tour, Jumeirah Beach, Deira Gold Souq, the other famous Burj Al Khalifa, Dubai creek and so much more! I Google-d all those places just the get the rough idea of the place i was about to visit.

But like the old saying,you can always plan but only God know how it turned out to be.

Somewhere around early Feb 2010, Air Asia X decided to pull out Abu Dhabi flight service starting 21st Feb 2010 due to some commercial reasons.You can have more information about it here.

I was devastated. Frust menonggeng gile! Baru je berangan nak pergi sana,last2 plan tak menjadi.

Then i was thinking..what can i do? The only news i heard was that Air Asia only going to refund the money. I was thinking to still go somewhere but where???Oh my God which destination i was allowed to go with that tiny little price?

We were thinking of China,India and...Hong Kong?that's the cheapest i could find. But those are not really my dream destination.

In the middle of our moment of sadness, at last my brother-in-law gave me such a good news! We were allowed to re-route our flight to any D-7 destination. I think it must be some kind of compensation from Air Asia to us. Well..whatever it is..we were spoilt with choices!

The options range from India,to China, Manila,Hong Kong,Australia (but too bad not London though, or else i would have chose it without any doubt!)

Want to guess which one did we choose?'s a surprise. But i guess you might have the clue.

I will tell more in my later post.Together with the arrangement and plan. I am somehow the unofficial trip planner this time. Ahaksss.

Till then..Adios!


Credits:Pic are from google

Monday, February 22, 2010

Errr...Happy Birthday My Blog?

Ohhh..feeling soooo guilty..

My blog anniversary supposed to be on the 19th..but i totally forgot!

Can't believe's 2 year old now..

Tibe-tibe rase syahdu plak..

Tak percaya dapat mengekalkan blog ini selama 2 tahun. Fuhhhh.

I'll try my best,to improve my writing,to update as often as i can and provide information as good as possible. Hehehe..





Midnight Sun

For those who is unfamiliar with this title, it's actually a novel by Stephenie Meyer.

Who is she?

She's the one who wrote "Twilight"...the series.

If you happen to read this,she already published 4 of Twilight series,but Midnight Sun is not one of them since it is an unpublished novel and it's Edward's version of Twilight.

And if are a big fan of this novel (or movies) you must know that partial draft of Midnight Sun was illegally posted on the Internet and has since been virally distributed without Stephenie Meyer's knowledge.

She was not planning to get it published,just yet,since she still couldn't find the way to finish it,so she decided to put it on hold. But...due to some people she trusted who revealed the copy of the draft,she has decided.

This brings to the event that she actually revealed the draft in her own website!

And you can read it here!

And yours truly is just started. And so excited.

Have fun reading...I know I will..


Jaja's Engagement (Part 3)

Just a quick one,3 more pictures from Jaja's engagement.

She looked so

Jaja..sume jeles tgk cincin hang noooo

Fireworks War!

It's 12.11 am the morning as im writing this. Right now there are numerous number of fireworks being exploded. From east,west,south and north side of my place. Is it because of Chinese New year?Hmmm,i think so. There are loud bangs everywhere and people screaming and clapping.Despite of all the noise..hmm im kinda like it.

Meriah sungguh noooo..

View from my house

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you



Going to balik kampung tomorrow..My grandma is having a kenduri kesyukuran.



Sunday, February 07, 2010

Im Happy

Hi dearies,

I am so happy today.


I think im falling in love....again.

With him-------->

We went out today and despite that it didnt start well but it ended well..very well in fact..It was so sweet of him..

Oh i am sooo gonna have a sweet dream tonight..



Saturday, February 06, 2010

Only one?

From left:Me,Elza,kwn Jaja,Mas,Lia,Puan Hasfa

Dah lame aku mintak gamba dari si Jaja tp x dapat2. But somehow her sister got one in her Facebook,itupun dari kamera dorang je,yg dari pro photographer xde.And gamba tgh bersusun kat tangga plak tu..Isshh apela anak dara dok kt tangga,ehhh yg atas sekali tu dah bukan anak dara lagi ye,bakal emak orang lagi adela..hehe.

But its ok,at least i got one to put here as promised. Anyways,that the peach coloured baju kurung i was telling you about..Thank god it turned out ok for me.

Can't wait for those picchas!


Friday, February 05, 2010

Scratch No More


I managed to get rid of the scratch on my car that haunted me for like years.

From this:

To this:

All i did was scrubbed those with a piece of cloth and some detergent.Hehehe..You want to know what detergent did i use?

Serbuk Pencuci Pakaian TOP.. worked!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Baby..


Last 2 weeks i got my baby back!

My dear car.

Before this my sister used it.Since her car has arrived so i can have mine back!

I really missed you!

P/S: Tibe-tibe rase kekok plak bawak kete manual,before ni asyik bawak auto je..huhu

Monday, February 01, 2010



Majlis pertunangan Syahfeeza Yaakob dengan Syed Ezree telah pun selamat dilangsungkan hari Sabtu yang lepas. Aku pun dah selamat menghadirinye.Not to forget that my baju kurung siap pada jam 12.30 tgh malamnye..gilelaa mmg sangat2 last minit punye keje la tailor tu.Hmmm tapi nasib baik die jahit ok.

Anyways..gamba sume blom di update lagi.nantikan yaaa.