Monday, January 11, 2010

My New Year Resolution

I know maybe it sound like its kinda late for 2010 resolution.But heyyy... at least i one rite? Err not actually one but kinda a long list of what i want to achieve/plan to achieve in 2010.

1)Find my dream job (eventho someone said to me.."there's no such things a "dream job").

2)Have more money.

3)To travel more..would love to go on Euro Trip..that's why i'm planning to have a job that give me a chance to travel around..hehe jimat sket.

4)To be nicer to MR NAZ..he is such a great guy..i want to appreciate him more.And to maintain
this relationship in whatever possible circumstances.

5)Become a better person.

6)Get engaged and probably..married?.

7)Have a photoshoot with my girlfrens and Mr NAZ!.

8)Reunion with all my old frens.

9)Read more books.

10)Cook more..(heheh..boleh ke?).

11)Make my family happy...basically ..make everyone happy!.

12)Make my self happy.

13)Learn to be grateful for what i have.

14)Ohh and one more..learn to accept the fact that "Twilight" is just a MOVIE and Edward Cullen does not exist!!hehe

And...more to come..



misha.w said...

hahaha...harap2 resolution ko berjaya thn ni. if u need any help, just ring me ok? syg ko!! muahs!! :)