Friday, January 29, 2010

Sempat ke? (Part 2)

Arghhhh..Jaja's engagement is on Saturday and my baju tak siap pun lagi!!!!!

And yours truly gonna be her "pengapit".

Okay..i know engagement does not really supposed to have "pengapit" but heyyyyy..her's does!

And it's me!

Ooooohhh,my tailor said she will get it ready by Friday night.

Sempat ke?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kala Bulan Mengambang

Well,no wonder these past few days i was so blue..Asyik nak marah aje.Pastu sket-sket nak tension.Sket-sket nak sensitif.Hehhee..bulan tengah mengambang rupenye.Right now my office dah bertukar tempat.Kirenye dapat office barua?Hehe..JK..Penat dengan nak "memacking" barang dan "meunpacking" barang balik.Dahla mengalami period pain yang sangat dasyat.Mcm nak meletop rasenye perut ni.Haaaa sampai macam tu skali.Tapi nak buat camne,that the "beauty" of being a woman..right?


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Legion Vs Constantine?

I watched "Legion" at GSC Mid Valley with Mr NAZ today and guess what??

It was disappointing..

For the first 1 hour,the movie was a blast..with all the thrill,suspense and all..

But towards the ending..hmmmmm..mcm x complete je crite die.mcm xde idea.

I thought it will be something like "Constantine" (alaaa yang Keanu Reeves & Rachel Weisz berlakon tu).

But i'm telling you "Constantine" was a lot better. Wayyyy better.

Hey..don't wanna spoil it for you.Maybe you should watch it yourself and you can share with me what do you think about the movie k?

Till then...


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Wedding..

Dear peeps..

Argghhh rase bdosa sgt..lupe nak wish my friend..

Nur Ainishazleen Bt Zulkifly


I know..i know it is sooooo damn late,but heyyyy i did come to her wedding k!

Sangat meriah wedding die kayyyy..


She's even almost a month pregnant now!

Congrates dear!

Anyways,here are some pics from her wedding..Enjoy!

(my personal fav!)


Friday, January 22, 2010

Cold War

Finally,we talked.

Okay,we not actually talked..but SMS-ed

It's been days since we last did that.Our relationship was pretty well shaken these past few days (almost a week I'd say).It was frustrating.

It all started with just a small..stupid..little..issue. One day he came back late from work and when we chatted on the phone (like what we normally do every night) i was so mad and pissed off. And also the fact that his mother was ill or not feeling well back in Penang and he was like keep postponing to go back home and giving reason whatsoever.

That was not the first time i was mad on something like that. I always said if he treated his mother like that, then the same thing will happen. That is how he will treat me.

What if i'm sick and he ask me to go and see doctor alone?..What if i'm about to give birth and he keeps giving excuses not to accompany me?What if bla bla bla..

And it's not just that.There are more other things that keep us fighting..arguing..quarreling..

Gosh..I shouldn't think like that,no?It's really not the way and how it should be. I should stay this year,i have known him for almost 8 years!And we've been through a lot!

I've been through a lot actually. it is such a waste to just let this relationship dies off. no no.I cannot give up.Even though i said so to him actually I don't want to give up.He has been the nicest man on earth (to me at least) and I should stop finding a reason to leave him..instead i should be grateful that Allah has led him back to me and give me a chance to fall in love..again..with him. It is such a beautiful thing.

I never really been in love before to be honest. Well,all those scandal-mandal..flirting around..was just...a fling..i would say.I mean it's not everyday a guy walk into your life and you say "Hey! That guy is my Mr Right!". I've been wandering and looking and searching for a right guy to turn up and "save" me. But just when I thought I had no chance,he came.

It's like my prince charming coming like a knight in shining armour to take me away.

But when he's there,you just don't know how to appreciate him.Well,i thought relationship can be perfect as long as you love each other.But..heyyyyyy..cik isn't a bed of roses. Even if it is,there's always a thorn among them.

I should be strong.I should be more supportive of him. That's why we are meant to be together.

Yes. We are.

And yes.I'm gonna do my best. I will make him the luckiest man on earth to have me.

To all of you,please pray for me.InsyaAllah.

To my Bee, I luv you so much...always do ..always the way I always said it to you.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Engagement (Part 1)

My friend Jaja will be engaged!Her invitation is as follows:


Venue: Taman Garing Utama,Rawang.

Date: 30 Jan 2010

Time: 11am.

Theme: Wanita Melayu Terakhir + Pastel colours + fresh flowers...;)

OMG! I am so excited!I never thought it could happen so soon!

Well,nevertheless,I am happy for her.Happy that she will be united with the guy that she loves.

Well,speaking of...i just got to have something right for the event.So i figured i need to buy for one. I really want to fit the theme.

And I don't know how..i mistakenly thought that the theme is "peach colour" instead of "pastel colour". Soooo..i mistakenly bought something "peach in colour".So stupid.

There you go.

I wanted to show you all the pic but now both my camera AND my handphone is not in a good condition. Frust gilee!!! Thanks to Shakila my office mate who lent her phone for me to use while i had it repaired.

Anyway,i guess i just have to proceed with what i bought.

Will show you the pic later.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sisterhood In Travelling Pants

Currently i am busy planning..

I know where to go for my next destination..

I even bought the ticket already.

Gosh i am so excited babe!

Got to go. Catch up later.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No Title

Its 10.33 pm as i started writing this entry. Regardless of my aching head and painful back, i am so determined to write something tonight. Something title-less.

Am so tired since i just had my night bath and performed my Isya' prayer. The only thing that i want to do is throw myself to bed and sleep like a baby.Have a peace soundful sleep. But i will not sleep in peace if i don't write anything tonight.


Seriously i really don't know.

I feel like i am lacking something in my life

(yeah..sure right.everybody feels that way once a while)

And i feel like sharing it here.But the moment my fingers running on the keyboard,it all disappear. Just like that.

And now im writing nonsense..

I spent the last few weeks watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S like 2 or 3 times a week. Just to find myself a good laugh here. I need it. I really do. Thanks to En Firdaus who downloaded them for me. I owe you big time dude! He got me all episodes until season 8! Can you imagine it? There are 8 dvd all of them and almost 200 episodes all together.And yet even until now i haven't even finish DVD 1!

This keep me really excited.It keeps me going.

At least that is how i feel.

Now I'm feeling dizzy thanks to my flu medicine. I feel like I'm flying. Hey did i tell ya i was on MC yesterday?I guess not. I didn't feel good with running nose so i decided to take a day off.

Hey did i also not mention Hasfa got me few tickets to watch Anugerah Juara Lagu 2009 at Stadium Bukit Jalil on Sunday night.I didn't go.Even though initially i was planning to. Thanks again to my baaaaad flu.

Anya is having crazzzzzzy sale now.I'am also went crazy looking at the slash of discounts on my other fav way im going to buy this time.I have to save for my next trip..Hey did i mention that I went to Singapore for new year? Err..i guess i forgot to blog about that. Due to my lack of time and energy to update everytime something is happening in my life.

Mr NAZ?Hmmm he's ok.He's alright. Always there for me.We do argue sometimes..occasionally..
about..stupid things..does all couples like that?Arguing about something that doesn't even matter or not worth it to be argued. Sometimes i really think we do not think and speak the same language you know,somehow we respond to different things differently. Now i know why they say "Men are from Mars,Women are from Venus". But came to think of it, that's the beauty of relationship between man and woman. We complete each other.We tolerate with each other's weakness.That proves how mature you are in handling a relationship.

Oh how i wish it's as easy as saying it.

Ok now im talking rubbish.

I guess that's all for now.Luv to share my feeling tonight.Im gonna watch 1 episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S before i go to sleep.



Monday, January 11, 2010

My New Year Resolution

I know maybe it sound like its kinda late for 2010 resolution.But heyyy... at least i one rite? Err not actually one but kinda a long list of what i want to achieve/plan to achieve in 2010.

1)Find my dream job (eventho someone said to me.."there's no such things a "dream job").

2)Have more money.

3)To travel more..would love to go on Euro Trip..that's why i'm planning to have a job that give me a chance to travel around..hehe jimat sket.

4)To be nicer to MR NAZ..he is such a great guy..i want to appreciate him more.And to maintain
this relationship in whatever possible circumstances.

5)Become a better person.

6)Get engaged and probably..married?.

7)Have a photoshoot with my girlfrens and Mr NAZ!.

8)Reunion with all my old frens.

9)Read more books.

10)Cook more..(heheh..boleh ke?).

11)Make my family happy...basically ..make everyone happy!.

12)Make my self happy.

13)Learn to be grateful for what i have.

14)Ohh and one more..learn to accept the fact that "Twilight" is just a MOVIE and Edward Cullen does not exist!!hehe

And...more to come..


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Its All About Twilight

Hi all Twilight fans!

Just received an email from a Adam Park from He saw my Twilight post and shared something really interesting with me.

Click here if you want to know what i'm talking about.

Thanks for the list Adam, that's very generous of you. Would love to hear from you again.


ZARA & MNG sales!

Yeah..I know its YES..

Year End Sale

Apart from work work work i also did some shopping spreeee..

ZARA & MNG is on sale that left a BIG hole in my wallet/pocket/trousers/jeans & everything!..


Tell bout it later..need to get ready for work tomorrow. Lots and lots of things to be done.Haih.


Saturday, January 02, 2010

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Hi peeps,

I gues it's still no too late to wish you all..