Monday, November 23, 2009

Should I Get It?

Aiishh..feel so restless right now. YES has started!

You know what i'm talking about right?????!

Its the Year End Sale babe!

Nona already bought her dream shoes! It's damn nice i'm telling you. ( will show the pic later). Of course i also wanted to have one but too bad..they don't have my size anymore. Such a frustration.

I went to Isetan too..looking for any nice top or pants for work. But nadaa. No size again.

Maybe i should get "it'.

The handbag i mean!!!!

But again..too bad they don't have the color i want!! Should i just settle for what's available?

But of course no regrets after that-lah. Hmm maybe this is one way for me to"'treat" myself?

What do you think?


Oasis said... kumpul duit banyak2 ni.

MyNewJourney said...

tau xpe yang oiii