Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A perfet gift

After spending hours of time in KLCC after i finished my work,i went to each of shop & boutique there is in KLCC.Just to find a perfect gift for him.Hmmm..what could it be..

Im thinking of whether:

1)POLO Ralph Lauren T-Shirt ( i luv seeing him wearing one!)

2)Pedro Shoes

3)Raoul Shirt

4)A box of chocolate (Godiva or Patchi)

5)A giant birthday card (sweet no?)

6)A bouquet of flowers?(hehe kidding)


7) A watch

So many things to consider of course..budget,necessity of the item,his taste also has to be taken into consideration. Thanks to cik Misha for giving me some ideas when i was feeling "idea-less" for a few days thinking what to buy.Of course he will say "Dear,it doesnt matter what u buy..its the thought that counts"

Yeah rite.

But i still want to give him something special.Something that will always remind him of me (the one who bought it for him hehe).

Finally i got one.

On Tuesday we met..



Watch from K-Swiss

Time is notice lately he barely had his watch on. I dont know what happen to his watch.So im thinking why not i bought him one so that he can always think of me..(buekkkk).

Err..anyways for last year since i was broke and in a budget constraint,I got him a Wondermilk cupcakes!So pokai that time but i still think that was sweet..wasnt it? (just say yes).Those cuppacakes look something similar like these...:

Except for the "I LOVE U"..huhu

It also reminded me 7 years ago i gave him a GUESS leather strap when he was still in London. Unfortunately he lost it.It looked something like this: much for the memory.

Anyways..just would like to wish my dearie again..

HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY !!!!!!

May all your wish comes true..



misha.w said...

yay! kamu beli jam!! jam la bagos. so everytime he see the time, he'll remember u. :)