Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Oh rambutku..

I did it!

Ohhh..Finally..after a long time considering it.

I cut my hair..hehe.

I had Jaja to accompany me to my favourite saloon in Taman Kenchana.I dont think its wise to spend so much in expensive saloon if you can get a much more cheaper but with a good service.I always come here and its been...hmmm..almost 6 years.

Baru nk potong..

Boleh senyum lg tuhh..

Err..ini rambut i okayyyyy..

Dan inilah hasilnyeeeeee..

From this:

To this:


X banyak beza sgt actually.Like what Jaja said to me after i finished with my hair:

"Hmmm,u look like.....U......as always.."

Haha..mmg aku x berani nk cuba mcm2 style leee...Niat tu ade tp xpela..let just be conventional and errr..safe.

Fuhhh..ringan rase kepala!

Thats it!One done!



misha.w said...

yeahh..betol jaja kata. u like u, as always. i tot u gonna go for radical hair cut mcm really2 short haircut, or perm ke... but its ok. still dalila mian.. :)