Monday, November 23, 2009

Mood Swing Jugak!

From time to time, have you ever experienced the moment where:

1)You had a bad morning, such a joy killer to start your day with such a mood.

2)You feel like whatever that you are doing, and trying to do is not working or " tak menjadik"

3) Everybody around you is pissing you off! (or at least you feel so).

4) You feel like you want to go somewhere far far away, away from everybody to have space on your own.

And the results are:

1) You go to work/class or whatever with a very "straight" kind of face.

2) You dont feel like doing anything at all. Nothing.

3) Feel like barking and throwing tantrum at each and everyone or even someone that lo0k at you more than 2 seconds!

4) Started to think of ways to run. From problems.

Well, I AM in those situations described above.

Oh gosh i dont know what to do. Everything felt so wrong. I feel soooo tired. Exhausted.

And mangsanya tak lain tak bukan my dear buah hati-la..Mr NAZ..

Sorry dear, please bear with me this time around..

Ya Allah, ko tenangkanlah hati hamba-Mu yang lemah ini.