Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rentetan Ramadhan & Syawal

As promised..what happened to my life during puasa month..huhu..Check it out!

1)On the 13th of Ramadhan,i bought myself this:

To hang everything that can be hung!Hehehe..kidding..i use it to hang my handbags and totes,and paperbags.

2)On the 14th of Ramadhan,gathering with my ex-coursemates! At Chop & Stick Serdang.

We also celebrated belated birthday's for Halim,Anis and few more (x ingatla ramai sgt!).I was so excited to see all of them and to catch up everything after a while leaving Uni.

3)On the 17th of Ramadhan,i accidently bumped into my old friend,Lina opppsss Puan Lina (already married with 1 daughter okehh) at Secret Recipe KLCC while i was browsing cake for my little brother's 12 birthday. She was also looking for a cake for her husband..What a coincident!

Hehe i curik2 tangkap je gamba ni,jgn mara ye Pn Lina

4)On 18th of Ramadhan,

Break my fast with McDonald at Level 2 KLCC with 3 of my colleagues since we had a lot of work and had to finish late.

5) On 22nd of Ramadhan,me and Mr NAZ went to Eastin Hotel for our break fast..Yum yum..

Ahmad jadi Mohd..huhu

I think the best food they served there were Cookies & Cream ice-cream and crab cooked with sauce or something like that..

We were soooooooo full..Alhamdulillah

6) On 24th of Ramadhan,IFTAR breakfast with customer at JWW Marriot Bukit Bintang..


7)On 25th of Ramadhan,we did what we best at..SHOPPING!!!errr not really..WINDOW SHOPPING only..huhu

Me and Shakila while waiting for Nona to try on her jeans at the fitting room

8)On 26th of Ramadhan,

I got stuck at the LRT Chan Sow Lin on my way to work for almost an hour! They said there was an obstacles on the railway that caused the delay..whats that supposed to mean?I arrive a few hours late because of that.Err by the way the pic in the middle is ME!

9)On 27th of Ramadhan...

On my way back to break fast at home together with Mr NAZ,the tyre got punctured.

Akibatnye..terpaksala kami bbuka dgn berhujan sambil Mr NAZ mengganti tayar.Habis basah lencun.Memang memori daun pisang betullaaa..

But its ok.Later that night i helped my mum to prepare our signature kuih raya which is the pineapple tart..2 types:1) Roll Tart 2)Pineapple Shape Tart..

10)On 29th of Ramadhan...Shopping treat by Mr NAZ..

Me trying on ZARA tops..i like all 3 but i can only choose 2.So i made up i mind with the purple and the grey colour.Thanks MR NAZ!

11)On 30th of Ramadhan,after Bora Ombak on first week Ramadhan (i cannot recall exactly when) me and my sis treat my family for our last break fast this year at Melting Pot Concorde KL (again).

As usual,not so many piccas of the food..huhu

It was kinda last minute thingy..Because we were not sure when to "balik kampung".


Me on 1st day of raya..While packing to balik kampung

12 Great Things happened to me for the past 1 month!!



sora-ao said...

panuhnya aktiviti...!

bz lady la skang ni ek..

misha.w said...

selamat hari raya cik dila.. bile nak ajak saye pegi beraye ke umah awk?? :)

Dila@Dalila said...

Sora aka Zla:mane ade busy yang..saje je membusykan diri..wak tu ape kurangnyee

misha:hehe..dtg jele..