Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My First Anya Bag

A few days ago i received this message,

"Beg Raya Anda.."

"Sabar ye..."

From my fren Suen..She came back from London weeks ago and bought me this with a supercheap price!She went to Bicester Village to shop and i envy her so damn much.

Its Anya Hindmarch Large Nevis Plastic with Calf Trim.Very simple is it?I like the part where its very roomy and yet still not too bulky for me to carry.Perfect for my day out use.Cant wait to carry it at work and during my day shopping outing.

She also gave me Anya's 2008 mini book and Bicester Village Pamphlet (you can also view it at the website).

I went crazy when i came to know there are soooooo many branded outlets they have there..Matila kalo aku pg sane..mau bankrap jadinye.

Ohhh im so over the moon!!