Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kitty Cat

Isnt this kitty cute???

Ohh my...I got this from my neighbour 2 weeks ago as they cannot take care of her anymore.She's like 2-3 months old.She half-breed.At least i believe so..But the major problem about her was that she really made a lot of noise!!Im not lying!Its like she's craving for something or someone but i dont know what or who.I've given her more than enough food but its not working.To me it doesnt really matter when she just screaming day & night because i know she will be quiet eventually,but my mum can't stand it..

So i have to give her away..

It was in the midst of Hari Raya and everybody was like so busy that gave me a hard time to find a new owner for her.I relly didnt want to give her away but i didnt have much choice!So i went to few petshop and animal clinic but most of them were closed since its still in Hari Raya holiday.I did managed to find one but they didnt adopt pet.

So it brought me to one of a petshop near my house.The owner was a midlde aged lady and she agreed to have her (i dont even have a name for the kitty yet!So Sad!).I was just asking if this kitten can be sold and she said its hard to sell so i just gave her away..

The kitty in the cage at the petshop..she has another 2 frens there..I was so sad to leave!

But it turned out that was the stupidest things i ever did!

I couldnt rest for days thinking about her (the kitten)..I felt so guilty and regret handling her to someone else.All i wanted is someone who can take a good care of her...thats all.I suddenly awas afraid that they would abuse or didnt feed the kitten well..

So i went to the petshop to look around.The first day the owner wasnt there and the staff didnt recognize me..and the kitten was still there..I pretended like i was interested to adopt the kitten and asked whats the procedure..the staff couldnt give any answer as his boss was not around..He asked me to come another day.

The second day,i went there again..same thing happened.The boss wasnt around and the staff asked me to come back.I assumed that they dont know i was the previous owner of the kitten.

The third time i brought Mr NAZ along..but he just went in alone and pretend to adopt a cat...I asked for his favor to help me to get the kitten back.I dont mind if i have to pay for the nursery.( its was already 4 days and they were charging RM25 perday) totaled of RM100.I already felt uneasy as why no one adopt that cute little kitten?Her other fren which was just a normal cat already got adopted.

When he came back to the car Mr NAZ said i shoudnt have given the cat to that lady.he told me that the lady was trying to sell the cat for RM680!!!!And she didnt even have any detail of me to inform me!!

Honestly the money is not my biggest concern because i also got the kitten for free but the fact that the lady just got easy money out of nowhere???And she was lying when she said there's no way anyone will buy that kitten the day i gave the kitten away.

So i went straight to the petshop and told the lady if somehow i can get back the kitten and i dont mind paying how much has she taken care the kitten.But she looked so reluctant and at the same time there was this malay family came in and wanted to take a look at the kitten .And then ony the ladyowner quickly asked me to leave my phone number and said if she can sell the cat at RM200 she will split half-half.She looked like she wanted to chase me away so that the i willl not know how much she really sold the kitten.

From RM680 the price gone down to RM200??I didnt believe her!..She must have wanted to make profit for her own.But i didnt know what to do..So i just left and waited for her call.

Till calls made to inform whether the kitten was safely bought.

I dont mind the money but i just hope the kitten was safe and someone kind enough to take care of her...