Sunday, September 27, 2009

Frustnye Saye!

I was checking my email and i received this..

This is not the first time i received this notification but i normally will just ignore them because not many WAREHOUSE item that really caught my eye..but this..

Long Sleeve Knot Top from WAREHOUSE

Its so pweeettty,no?

Coincidently i have a fren who's right now in the UK and of course i can ask her to buy it for me!Im so happy..i loveeee this top to bits!

But there's no more size for me.Size 6.Only 10 is available.


Well,i guess luck is not on my side this time.


p/s:Or does anybody know where else i can get it?heheh.just in case..


sora-ao said...

painful..isn't it??

Dila@Dalila said...