Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kitty Cat

Isnt this kitty cute???

Ohh my...I got this from my neighbour 2 weeks ago as they cannot take care of her anymore.She's like 2-3 months old.She half-breed.At least i believe so..But the major problem about her was that she really made a lot of noise!!Im not lying!Its like she's craving for something or someone but i dont know what or who.I've given her more than enough food but its not working.To me it doesnt really matter when she just screaming day & night because i know she will be quiet eventually,but my mum can't stand it..

So i have to give her away..

It was in the midst of Hari Raya and everybody was like so busy that gave me a hard time to find a new owner for her.I relly didnt want to give her away but i didnt have much choice!So i went to few petshop and animal clinic but most of them were closed since its still in Hari Raya holiday.I did managed to find one but they didnt adopt pet.

So it brought me to one of a petshop near my house.The owner was a midlde aged lady and she agreed to have her (i dont even have a name for the kitty yet!So Sad!).I was just asking if this kitten can be sold and she said its hard to sell so i just gave her away..

The kitty in the cage at the petshop..she has another 2 frens there..I was so sad to leave!

But it turned out that was the stupidest things i ever did!

I couldnt rest for days thinking about her (the kitten)..I felt so guilty and regret handling her to someone else.All i wanted is someone who can take a good care of her...thats all.I suddenly awas afraid that they would abuse or didnt feed the kitten well..

So i went to the petshop to look around.The first day the owner wasnt there and the staff didnt recognize me..and the kitten was still there..I pretended like i was interested to adopt the kitten and asked whats the procedure..the staff couldnt give any answer as his boss was not around..He asked me to come another day.

The second day,i went there again..same thing happened.The boss wasnt around and the staff asked me to come back.I assumed that they dont know i was the previous owner of the kitten.

The third time i brought Mr NAZ along..but he just went in alone and pretend to adopt a cat...I asked for his favor to help me to get the kitten back.I dont mind if i have to pay for the nursery.( its was already 4 days and they were charging RM25 perday) totaled of RM100.I already felt uneasy as why no one adopt that cute little kitten?Her other fren which was just a normal cat already got adopted.

When he came back to the car Mr NAZ said i shoudnt have given the cat to that lady.he told me that the lady was trying to sell the cat for RM680!!!!And she didnt even have any detail of me to inform me!!

Honestly the money is not my biggest concern because i also got the kitten for free but the fact that the lady just got easy money out of nowhere???And she was lying when she said there's no way anyone will buy that kitten the day i gave the kitten away.

So i went straight to the petshop and told the lady if somehow i can get back the kitten and i dont mind paying how much has she taken care the kitten.But she looked so reluctant and at the same time there was this malay family came in and wanted to take a look at the kitten .And then ony the ladyowner quickly asked me to leave my phone number and said if she can sell the cat at RM200 she will split half-half.She looked like she wanted to chase me away so that the i willl not know how much she really sold the kitten.

From RM680 the price gone down to RM200??I didnt believe her!..She must have wanted to make profit for her own.But i didnt know what to do..So i just left and waited for her call.

Till calls made to inform whether the kitten was safely bought.

I dont mind the money but i just hope the kitten was safe and someone kind enough to take care of her...


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rentetan Ramadhan & Syawal

As promised..what happened to my life during puasa month..huhu..Check it out!

1)On the 13th of Ramadhan,i bought myself this:

To hang everything that can be hung!Hehehe..kidding..i use it to hang my handbags and totes,and paperbags.

2)On the 14th of Ramadhan,gathering with my ex-coursemates! At Chop & Stick Serdang.

We also celebrated belated birthday's for Halim,Anis and few more (x ingatla ramai sgt!).I was so excited to see all of them and to catch up everything after a while leaving Uni.

3)On the 17th of Ramadhan,i accidently bumped into my old friend,Lina opppsss Puan Lina (already married with 1 daughter okehh) at Secret Recipe KLCC while i was browsing cake for my little brother's 12 birthday. She was also looking for a cake for her husband..What a coincident!

Hehe i curik2 tangkap je gamba ni,jgn mara ye Pn Lina

4)On 18th of Ramadhan,

Break my fast with McDonald at Level 2 KLCC with 3 of my colleagues since we had a lot of work and had to finish late.

5) On 22nd of Ramadhan,me and Mr NAZ went to Eastin Hotel for our break fast..Yum yum..

Ahmad jadi Mohd..huhu

I think the best food they served there were Cookies & Cream ice-cream and crab cooked with sauce or something like that..

We were soooooooo full..Alhamdulillah

6) On 24th of Ramadhan,IFTAR breakfast with customer at JWW Marriot Bukit Bintang..


7)On 25th of Ramadhan,we did what we best at..SHOPPING!!!errr not really..WINDOW SHOPPING only..huhu

Me and Shakila while waiting for Nona to try on her jeans at the fitting room

8)On 26th of Ramadhan,

I got stuck at the LRT Chan Sow Lin on my way to work for almost an hour! They said there was an obstacles on the railway that caused the delay..whats that supposed to mean?I arrive a few hours late because of that.Err by the way the pic in the middle is ME!

9)On 27th of Ramadhan...

On my way back to break fast at home together with Mr NAZ,the tyre got punctured.

Akibatnye..terpaksala kami bbuka dgn berhujan sambil Mr NAZ mengganti tayar.Habis basah lencun.Memang memori daun pisang betullaaa..

But its ok.Later that night i helped my mum to prepare our signature kuih raya which is the pineapple tart..2 types:1) Roll Tart 2)Pineapple Shape Tart..

10)On 29th of Ramadhan...Shopping treat by Mr NAZ..

Me trying on ZARA tops..i like all 3 but i can only choose 2.So i made up i mind with the purple and the grey colour.Thanks MR NAZ!

11)On 30th of Ramadhan,after Bora Ombak on first week Ramadhan (i cannot recall exactly when) me and my sis treat my family for our last break fast this year at Melting Pot Concorde KL (again).

As usual,not so many piccas of the food..huhu

It was kinda last minute thingy..Because we were not sure when to "balik kampung".


Me on 1st day of raya..While packing to balik kampung

12 Great Things happened to me for the past 1 month!!


Frustnye Saye!

I was checking my email and i received this..

This is not the first time i received this notification but i normally will just ignore them because not many WAREHOUSE item that really caught my eye..but this..

Long Sleeve Knot Top from WAREHOUSE

Its so pweeettty,no?

Coincidently i have a fren who's right now in the UK and of course i can ask her to buy it for me!Im so happy..i loveeee this top to bits!

But there's no more size for me.Size 6.Only 10 is available.


Well,i guess luck is not on my side this time.


p/s:Or does anybody know where else i can get it?heheh.just in case..

Friday, September 25, 2009

Post Event..


Puasa sudah,raya pun masih ade lagi 24 hari dlm bulan Syawal yg mulia.I just got back from Kedah yesterdday nite attending my relatives wedding..Got soooo many things to tula..mase xde,internet plak lembap.Antara sebab2 yg menyukarkan blog ini di apdet.

But im so tired rite now...

Banyak sgt nk cerita:

1)Majlis-majis bbuka puasa yg dihadiri

2)Gamba-gamba hari raya

3)Hasil shopping-an

4)Kejadian-kejadian di bulan puasa

5)Dan bermacam2 lagi

So stay tune for my updates yaa...


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My First Anya Bag

A few days ago i received this message,

"Beg Raya Anda.."

"Sabar ye..."

From my fren Suen..She came back from London weeks ago and bought me this with a supercheap price!She went to Bicester Village to shop and i envy her so damn much.

Its Anya Hindmarch Large Nevis Plastic with Calf Trim.Very simple is it?I like the part where its very roomy and yet still not too bulky for me to carry.Perfect for my day out use.Cant wait to carry it at work and during my day shopping outing.

She also gave me Anya's 2008 mini book and Bicester Village Pamphlet (you can also view it at the website).

I went crazy when i came to know there are soooooo many branded outlets they have there..Matila kalo aku pg sane..mau bankrap jadinye.

Ohhh im so over the moon!!


Saturday, September 05, 2009

Wanna Play With Colours?

Now i realized that i am sooooooo not good in playing with colours.Be it on clothes, shoes, handbag, and also accesories.

I always find myself to settle with "safe" colours such as black (itu dah wajip), white,brown,pastel colours,and nude colours. (oh so boring)

Contohnye mcm ni:

So much for only black,white and natural color.

But lately i've been trying to experiment with another color.Such as purple,orange and red.

Ooohh..i am so going to start looking for coloured tops & tunics to put more variety in my clothes..huhu

Wish me luck!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Buka Puasa Lagi

Seronoknya bila aku dpt jemputan 2 hari lepas utk berbuka bersama ofismate & bos-bos yg dianjurkan oleh one of our vendors di Saloma Bistro.Hahha mkn free sape x mau kan?Anyway kebetulan berbaju kurung plak aku time tu..konon-konon ayula kan..Hentam sajala labuuuu.
Sebelum bergerak pg ktrg jln2 dulu temankan si Shakila nk menengok2 bag..nak beli katenye..

Aku memang xde plan pun nak membeli,lagipun macam xde yg berkenan di mata dan dihati ni.So bergambo jela lebih.

Isshhh betula ke badan aku dah naik??

But while i was browsing here & there,i saw this pair of ankle length booth in brown & black color..Terus jatuh cinta pandang pertama!I never have one before so i was thinking why not??As kasut raya??

Hmmm mane cantik?Yg brown ke black ekkk?

Cube teka aku beli x?

No.I didnt..

Still im afraid to try something new.Im afraid that if i buy them..aku nak pakai kemana??

Well,its ok.Maybe one day i will own a pair.
Cik Shakila pun xde hasil belian so kami terus bgerak ke Saloma dgn bas No 11..hehe berjalan kaki la maksudnye tuuu..

It took us only like 10 minutes kot sbb dekat.

We arrived early so we found a place to wait sambil mendengar one of the bosses membebel..

Gamba kanan ni muka aku muka bosan kan??hehe

Around 6.45 we entered the main hall and searched for our table.

Once again i didnt manage to take picture of the foods..Pelikla..Time tu mcm dah x ingat nk bergamba langsung..Fikir makan je..huhu

And about 8.30 there were cultural perfomances by Saloma dancers.Our table pun agak betul2 depan stage..Cantek aaa..

And surprisingly cik Nona pun dijemput naik ke pentas menari sama.Not a problem for her,bcos she used to be a dancer moi!

We left at about 9.30pm..Lambat jugakla..Memang nk kene marah ngn Mr NAZ..anyways..the food was...okla....aku bg 3 bintang..Sedap lagi Melting Pot la..huhu..X kesahla tu..janji ade org blanje..

p/s:nak try kat Dewan Perdana Felda & D'Paya Serai PJ Hilton plak la...huhu


Ramadhan Oh Ramadhan

Without me realizing it,its already 14th day of fasting in Ramadhan's month.How fast time flies isnt it?Well,too bad for me because i havent got the chance to perform my Tarawikh yet.Oh its not that i dont want to but i'm so tired after got back from work (excuse!!).But of course i want to!Ganjarannya adalah tidak terhingga!

How i wish this year fasting will be different from previous years...But,of course its not.Aku terlalu sibuk mengejar hal dunia sampai lupe utk meraikan bulan yg penuh keberkatan ini dengan membanyakkan amal ibadat dan mengerjakan solat Tarawikh yg hanya datang setahun sekali itu...Oh my god forgive my sins...Pls show me your hidayah..Aku hanyalah hamba mu yg lemah lagi daif..Ya Allah..

Rasanya dalam umur yang dah menjangkau lebih dari suku abad ini (im 26 this year by the way) aku merasakan masa berjalan semakin cepat..kadang-kadang x tersedar bagaimana pantasnye ia berlalu.Jadi aku harus lebih menghargai masa,dah x sempat lagi nk menangguh-nangguhkan kerje,membuat kerja x berfaedah.Inilah azam ku agar aku x leka lg.InsyaAllah..Semoga tuhan mengizinkan..

Baru siang tadi aku menerima panggilan dari sahabat lama ku yg kini sudah sudahpun berbadan dua,Puan Norhaslina atau ku panggil Ina saje.Dah lame x mendengarkan ceritanye tup-tup tibe-tibe die call bertanyakan khabar.Kandungannya sudah mencecah 5 bulan.Aduhh bunting pelamin yaaa..Rasenye baru saja aku menghadiri majlis perkahwinannya di Seremban bersama Mr NAZ awal tahun ini.Namun rezekinya murah..cepat je dapat anak.Alhamdulillah

Dan hari ini juga aku mengutuskan 1 sms ucapan Selamat Hari Lahir kpd salah seorang rakanku jua dari sekolah menengah Puan Norfazlinda atau Linda.Hari ini hari lahirnya..Masihku ingat tarikhnya rupanya walau tanpa mencatitkannya di mana-mana.Hehehe mmg aku begitu,sgt tajam ingatanku kalo bab-bab melibatkan nombor ni.Selamat Hari Lahir Linda..semoga kau panjang umur & murah rezeki di samping keluarga tersayang.

Rakan-rakan sekosmet pula mengajak berbuka puasa bersama-sama Ahad ini di Chop & Steak ,Serdang..Aduh rasenye selama belajar di UPM tak pernah terlepas dari berbuka beramai-ramai disitu.dan macam-macam kejadian kurang enak mesti terjadi.Contohnya order lambat sampaila,salah hanta makananla,waiter xnak layanla..hahha lucu pula mengingatkannya..
Hmmmm x dpt pula ku menjanjikan apa-apa,insyaAllah jika tiada aral melintang..akan ku hadirkan diri.

Ehh tanpa sedar panjang pula aku berceloteh kali ini dgn bahasa dan corak penulisan yg agak berbeza..saje saje tukar angin..Nanti pembaca bosan pula kan?? (walaupun x seramai mane).

Mungkin harini niat nak berubah itu ada..cume perlu lebih usaha.Semoga diberkati..Amin.

Sekian saja coretanku kali ini..


Oh Baby I'm Missing u

Ohhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..

Suddenly i' missing my sis and her son..err sons.

Farhan & Firhan

I wish we could be like we used to.