Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Tribute To Luna..

Dear Luna,

Where are u now?Are u far away?Are u somewhere safe?

Why did u leave the house?Why did u leave me?Did i do something wrong?Did i say anything bad that hurt ur feeling?

I know lately i've been releasing my temper on u.I know sometimes u only want to play around..I really didnt mean to hurt u or chase u out.I guess i am a very bad person then.

My love Luna,

How are u doing out there?Did u get enough food?Did u get shelter from rain,storm and the hot sunlight?

Do u know what worry me the most?Im so afraid if u will try to cross the roads.I know how stupid sometimes u can be because when i first met u u tried to kill urself crossing the road without looking at all the cars that came towards u.Thats why from there onwards i can see u are so afraid of main road.I understand..


Now i realize how bad i'm missing u right now.I miss ur bite,ur scratch,ur cute little pirate face..How u will look at me as if u're saying.."I'm glad u saved my life"


U have no idea how i cant wait to see u grow up one day.Day to day i can see that u getting fatter and cuter.Dont u know that im so happy to have u in my life?I feel like im blessed.

So why did u leave?Noris also left..

Its been 3 days..for any reason that u left.whether u are still alive or not..i want u to know that i love u so much and never give up praying so that u will comeback to me.Eventho deep inside my heart i know u wont.

My dearest Luna,

No matter what happen i want u to know that ur presence in my life somehow make a difference.and nothings gonna change my love to u.

My last memory with u..(taken a few weeks ago)

You will never be forgotten..