Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Bobbi Brown Haul

On of the things that i long to have is my own collection of makeup.Especially M.A.C and Bobbi Brown.They are just a must for each girl (who wears makeup).I still remember back then when i was still studying and have not much money to have all those,and seeing some of my girlfrens own their own set of Bobbi Brown line, i was so jealous.I envy them.And i said to myself,one day i also will be able to get much of the memory.

Thats why recently when i digged back all my makeup stuff in my makeup pouch..i think its about time to change for a new one.

My makeup range from so many brands.Silky Girl, Maybelline,Loreal,Lancome,Estee Lauder, In 2 It, and also with no brand at all.So my first step is to change my compact powder and blusher that im currently using which are Silkygirl,Lancome,Estee Lauder & In 2 It.So during lunch time i went to Isetan KLCC to "serbu" BB outlet.

There i purchased Brightening Powder Compact Foundation in NATURAL and also Blusher in PALE PINK (9) colour.I did ask if there is any free stuff but all i got were these 2 packet of Protective Face Lotion.Maybe sbb aku beli tak banyak kot.And also free BB make over within 2 weeks from my date of purchase. (hmm yg itu menarikkkk).I always got this impression that BB is so well-known that everybody must have at least one of it.So lets see if it is that good.Who know there is more to come?

P/s: The SA was friendly but she did not even give me BB paper bag..just Isetan punye plasctic je..ishhhh xkan sbb aku beli sket je kot.hmmm discrimination la ni.Kene nyanyi lagu Bunkface ni.



zLa said...

syoknye.....makeups buat i teruja u....

try la mac plak..cepatla..cepatla...ada eyeshadow pallete in quad baru yang murah giler nak mati!!! really worth it!!!

p/s atas sebab2 tertentu, i tukar link tau yang..huhuhu