Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mari Makan Maggi

Even now i realized that for instant noodles,people still call it Maggi,doesnt matter sebenarnye mi tu brand ape pun.Perasan x?Tak kisahla Cintan ke,Mamee ke,Indomee ke,Mee Ruski ke..people will still say "Maggi"..

Same goes to toothpaste..Everybody will only mention "Colgate" instead of other brand mcm Darlie ke,Fresh & White ke..

Diapers pun sama jugak,semua orang pun cakap Pampers je..sedangkan ianya satu brand..not a word by itself..

The reason why i bring up this topic bukannye ape..hehe..just wanna share with you all,my favourite food when i have no:

1) Money

2) Time

I know it may look silly to show how to cook megi (the simplest food to prepare)..but since this is my first entry about recipe and cooking..im a little bit over excited,because there is more to come!

The name of the recipe is:-

"Megi Telur Berapi/Hot Maggi with Egg"

What i need is:

1)My faveret megi..Mamee with Asam Laksa flavor

2)An egg

3)Green chilly..or cili api pun lagi sodap

4)Panaskan air sampai mendidih

5)Potong cili kecik2

6)Tunggu sampai air die mendidih and masukkan telur

7)Masukkan meginye

8)Masukkan perencah

9)Wala! Its ready to be served

Only 9 simple steps!

Happy trying!