Saturday, August 01, 2009

Lets Go Shopping!

Hello!Your shopaholic wannabe is back!hehehe..

For the past few weeks i've been feeling so stressed up with everything.My life,my work,my time management,my anger convo thingy..arrrghhhh. usual..the only one cure in the world that can always calm me down is..

What?Can u guess?

Shopping la!

I really really need a new wadrobe with a whole new outfit/attire to go to work.Especially where im working right now does require me to look presentable.And i am sooooo out of baju at the moment.Dont u ever feel that?Have u ever experience that moment where u think u got so many clothes but always end up with nothing to wear at the end of the day?

Have u ever feel like that?Oh pleaseeee say u have..(that 'll make me feel im normal like everybody else)

So!I need to start collecting and!

Since im working at KLCC so finding a place or store where u can buy clothes is not that hard..When u dont really mind the price..huhuu

But Isetan & Parkson is currently having their sale and i think its quiet a good bargain when it comes to the brand that they offering.

So last 2 weeks i managed to get something for myself.

And last week..

And yesterday..huhu

Ahhhhhh...the feeling is soooooo undescribable..

Hmmm..Lets see what i bought...

Blazzer from SEED Work & The Executive

Top from MNG & Captivation

Pants from MNG & The Executives

Hilang tensen aku sekejap!Yesssss! I can sense there's more after this.

Abis duit aku bulan ni beli mentang ni xpe..janji aku puas..huhuu

Till then..XOXO