Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Bobbi Brown Haul

On of the things that i long to have is my own collection of makeup.Especially M.A.C and Bobbi Brown.They are just a must for each girl (who wears makeup).I still remember back then when i was still studying and have not much money to have all those,and seeing some of my girlfrens own their own set of Bobbi Brown line, i was so jealous.I envy them.And i said to myself,one day i also will be able to get much of the memory.

Thats why recently when i digged back all my makeup stuff in my makeup pouch..i think its about time to change for a new one.

My makeup range from so many brands.Silky Girl, Maybelline,Loreal,Lancome,Estee Lauder, In 2 It, and also with no brand at all.So my first step is to change my compact powder and blusher that im currently using which are Silkygirl,Lancome,Estee Lauder & In 2 It.So during lunch time i went to Isetan KLCC to "serbu" BB outlet.

There i purchased Brightening Powder Compact Foundation in NATURAL and also Blusher in PALE PINK (9) colour.I did ask if there is any free stuff but all i got were these 2 packet of Protective Face Lotion.Maybe sbb aku beli tak banyak kot.And also free BB make over within 2 weeks from my date of purchase. (hmm yg itu menarikkkk).I always got this impression that BB is so well-known that everybody must have at least one of it.So lets see if it is that good.Who know there is more to come?

P/s: The SA was friendly but she did not even give me BB paper bag..just Isetan punye plasctic je..ishhhh xkan sbb aku beli sket je kot.hmmm discrimination la ni.Kene nyanyi lagu Bunkface ni.


Friday, August 28, 2009

My First Official Break Fast

Hi guys,

How ur Ramadhan so far?Me?This year just like the other years..Its just that i know i have to "ganti" puasa a lot next year because my period comes early and at the end of this year's Ramadhan..adussss..camno nk mengganti nih

Well,yesterday me and ofismates decided to have our bonding session at break fast.Hehe..saje saje je want to get to know each other better..Yela dah dlm 1 department kan.Most of them are our Senior Executive only 3 of us je yang fresh.Ooooo anyway Puan Lydia yg gambarnye ade disiarkan in my previous entry tu dah berhenti 2 minggu lepas.Dapat better offer katenye..xpela..semoga die sukses.

Anyways,iniatially we had quite a tough time deciding where to go to have our break fast..So among the suggestions that were raised were:

1)Enak at Starhill Gallery
2)Singgahsana Hotel
3)Eden @ Chulan Square
4)Melting Pot at Concorde Hotel
5)Royale Bintang Hotel Damansara
6)Temptation at Renaissance Hotel (because i hv a relatives who work as one of the chef there,so i tot can get discount..but dia pun xble nk confirmkan)
7Quality Hotel (ade Jaafar Onn & Haiza)

So itu antara tempat-tempat yg dicadangkan.I even called 6 of those places to book.Hahaha..jst in case la kan.So finally we narrowed the options down to only 3:

1)Singgahsana Hotel
2)Melting Pot at Concorde Hotel
3)Royale Bintang Hotel Damansara

After considering the distance and sape nk anta kami2 yang bergerak naik LRT ni balik..akhirnye kami mmbuat keputusan pilih no was a tough one!

When we reached there,mmg x sempat nk tangkap gamba.ntah ape yg aku buat pun aku x tau.

Makanan lain mmg x sempat nk tangkap..maybe we were too busy enjoying the food.Anyways this is not my first time breakfasting there so i know there's a variety of food.Sampai dah x tau nk mkn mane dulu.Ade kambing panggang,tepanyaki,nasi beriyani,lauk rendang,all types of kerabu,all types of salads,otak-otak,lauk pauk masakan melayu dan mcm-mcm lagilah..Desert punye section jgn cakapla..Macam-macam ada!

But for today i want to highlight on one particular type of food.I was watching one of my bos really enjoying himself eating these:


I never felt tempted to eat it before.I dont know why.But that time i wanted to.I'm aware not many people can eat those,but i really-really curious to know how does it taste like.So i challenged myself (and after being forced to eat it by my bosses)...

To eat it.

So i did.

Earrrghhhhh..Mule2 tak termasuk dlm mulut rasenye..sbb bau die je dah hanyir semacam.But i was thinking.."Sushi aku bende ni pun ala-ala mentah cam sushi jugak..kenapa aku x ble mkn?"
But that would be the first and the last i ever tasted that thing.

It was horrible..nearly terkeluar blk lepas mkn.But i was glad i did try.So at least dah tau mcmane rasenye.

Pastu all those 3 newbies masing-masing kene paksa-rela mkn jugaks...ahakksssss..

Gambar after kekenyangan (by the way aku bukan puasa pon aritu).

Gamba ini jela yg sempat di "cam-whore' kan

(Gamba first tu... what i was trying to do?)

My bosses..

Kak Daiana & Engku Fazean.Ade lagi bos tp 2 ni je sempat tangkap.

Orait..Selepas itu kami pun balik dengan gembiranya..

Kekenyangan yang teramat sgt.

Babai..or Papai


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blueberry Cheese Tart

U love CHEESE?

U love BLUEBERRY? (bukan blackberry yee)

U love TART?

Well,if ure answer to any of the 3 above,u surely gonna love this!

Its the mini blueberry cheese tart..I know some people just loveeeee them rite?I do..Well,currently im helping a fren of mine who do this business as a side income.She loves to bake.And when i taste 1 of the sample of her MBCT(Mini Blueberry Cheese Tart),i know why she should continue baking..her MBCT is damn good!It has richer taste of cheese and blueberry than all the BCT i've tasted before.I even recommended to some of my frens and they order trus.

For introduction price,she sells 50 pieces for RM35.hey its cheap man!With the rich taste and all the quality ingredients she uses..its really a good price for someone who love BCT..

Yum yummmm..

So if anyone nak order atau nak tanye..just drop a comment of email me at segan jgn malu yaaaaa..Ini confirm x menyesal beli punye..sebab sedapppppp gile.Series aku x tipu.






Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mari Makan Maggi

Even now i realized that for instant noodles,people still call it Maggi,doesnt matter sebenarnye mi tu brand ape pun.Perasan x?Tak kisahla Cintan ke,Mamee ke,Indomee ke,Mee Ruski ke..people will still say "Maggi"..

Same goes to toothpaste..Everybody will only mention "Colgate" instead of other brand mcm Darlie ke,Fresh & White ke..

Diapers pun sama jugak,semua orang pun cakap Pampers je..sedangkan ianya satu brand..not a word by itself..

The reason why i bring up this topic bukannye ape..hehe..just wanna share with you all,my favourite food when i have no:

1) Money

2) Time

I know it may look silly to show how to cook megi (the simplest food to prepare)..but since this is my first entry about recipe and a little bit over excited,because there is more to come!

The name of the recipe is:-

"Megi Telur Berapi/Hot Maggi with Egg"

What i need is:

1)My faveret megi..Mamee with Asam Laksa flavor

2)An egg

3)Green chilly..or cili api pun lagi sodap

4)Panaskan air sampai mendidih

5)Potong cili kecik2

6)Tunggu sampai air die mendidih and masukkan telur

7)Masukkan meginye

8)Masukkan perencah

9)Wala! Its ready to be served

Only 9 simple steps!

Happy trying!

Decluttering Process

Ya ya..all this while i've been living in a place i dont know how to call it..very the messy i tell u!dengan baju berterabur,seluar ntah kat mana2,beg bersepah kat lantai,all my stationeries and my note pad all just stuck up kat dlm paper bag and berbondong-bondong je kat tepi meja.

Oh my bloody lazy i am!

Everyday i told myself "cik Dila tolooooongla kemas bilik awak tu,malu tau kalo orang nmpak ". And everyday jugakla before balik keje tu aku dah berikrar di dalam hati balik keje je nanti memang nk kemas bilik sebab dah kronik sangat.Tapi mmg susah sbb mood tu x ade.My mum dah x larat nk bising dah.

Its not that i'm the kinda person who like living in messy room tau,but i dont know somehow sejak dah bekerja ni masa untuk diri sendiri tu dah macam xde..Padehal bole je pas blk keje mengadap bilik tu and kemaskan ape yg patut.

Well,that's me..suke menangguh-nangguhkan kerje.Bilela nk berubah ni cik Dila oii!

Anyway, last 2 days i manage to kemas my room last..

Memang berjam jugakla nk sort out kan sume baju2 yang dah berlambak kat dalam almari tu.Ade yang ntah sape2 punye pun ade kat almari aku.

Dari rupe ini....

Kepada rupe ini...

Kemas kan? (ok la tuh..itu pun bertawonnn woooo nk menunggu)

So this is a pile of my clothes that i still dont know what to do about it.. (even up to now)

Nak buangkah?jualkah?bagi orangkah?

Biasela kite ni selalu dalam dilema bile nak buang satu2 baju tu terasa sayang je.Nak buang takut nk pakai kang tak buang menyemak je dalam almari tu..

Hmmm appreciate it if u girls can drop something to say about this..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The day before..

Now i realize how i miss my girl frens..

Nasib baik sempat buat "little" reunion ngn dorang time nak pg amek jubah.

Sempatla makan2 kat Sushi King and treated them sempena belated birthdays for all of them.(huhu..koyak aku bulan nih)

Xpela,bukan selalu.Lagipun susah sbnrnye nk berkumpul ni.Yelah,masing2 dah busy ngn keje.Sorang tu kat cyber,sorang kat bangi,sorang kt KL,ade kat damansara,sorang kt Puchong.yang lain2 tu entah dah x dpt nk ..track dah.

I really2 hope that after this dpt jumpe2 lagi.Miss the good old days..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Salam Ramadhan..

Kepada para muslimin dan muslimat tidak kira dimana jua anda berada...


Ikhlas dari saya Noordalila Mi'an...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eeeeeiiii Geramnye..

I dont know which one gone wrong?is it my connection?or is it i've being trying to upload my convocation pics and update my blog but now it seems like its IMPOSSIBLE!!!!


Because the speed is 0...............Z.E.R.O

Ni nak tulis entry ni pun terhegeh-hegeh lembap nak @$#%^&*(!!!

(sabar cik dila)

Ye aku sabar la nih..

Fuuhhhhh..kita sambung di lain hari yek.mood sgt tak baik nihhh


Saturday, August 15, 2009


Tanggal 8 hb Ogos 2009 adalah tarikh yg cukup bersejarah buat aku.Tarikh keramat ini dan saat inilah yg amat2 aku nantikan selama 7 tahun stgh di UPM.Kenapa?Kerana setelah aku bertungkus-lumus membanting tulang mengerah keringat dan tenaga..

Ok Dila.Stop it.

Hehe..finally aku grad jgak.itulah cerita sbnrnye.Hmmm sgt bmakna sbnrnye kerana perjalanan hidup aku sblm nk sampai ke tahap ini tidakla senang.Macam-macam jgak dah dilalui.Suka duka semasa belajar..dengan x cukup duitnye..xde mood nk belajarnye..mengadap nota dekat sejam tp xde ape masuk kepala pun selalu jugak.besok nk exam mlm ni blh pergi bersuka-ria lg (hehe..itu selalu..)..Lagi2 bila dah dekat separuh jln aku blaja br sedar diri yg course ni sbnrnye aku tak minat and xdela blh bw sgt aku teruskan jugak sebab aku dah mulakan and aku nk habiskan jgak.

Actually bile kite dah tinggalkan zaman belajar tu dah lame and tibe2 kene pg konvo kt tempat belajar tu plak..perasaannye lain semacam..Macam teringat je.Rasa rindu pun ade.So sape2 yg dah merasa tu tau-tau sendirilah bagaimana perasaan tu.

Actually even tho aku x dtg time rehearsal tp pengalaman time konvo masa diploma dulu pun dah kire cukup.Lagipun susah nk dpt cuti time ofis tgh banyak keje melambak tu.

Rase best jugak konvo kali ni sbb course aku dpt sesi 1.Iaitu sesi pertama dimana pemberi skroll adelah Canselor UPM sendiri iaitu Sultan Selangor.Bukan senang tau nak dpt peluang ni.Lagi satu yg membuatkan konvo kali ni amat bermakna ialah dimana bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia yg ke 5 iaitu Tun Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi turut hadir utk menerima anugerahnye iaitu Ijazah Kehormat Doktor Pembangunan Pertanian.Kirenye cam 'spesel' jugakla sesi kali ni.

Seperti biasela tibe hari yg ditunggu mesti ade je tak kene,rambut x menjadila (eventho i spent like hours "bega-begaing" my hair the night before),Mortar board (topi konvo) asyik nk jatuh je,hood plak asyik aku tetap PUAS.Puas sebab berjaya sampai ke sini.Huhuhu..

So inilah hasilnye:

Haaa,nampak x gamba Tun Abdullah kat belakang tuuuu?
(Actually i betul2 frust sbb terpejam mata time gambar diambil)

Tapi yang ini ok sketkan? :)..Lebarnye aku senyum.

Time ni plak agaknye sbb excited dpt jmpe sultan agaknye,terus lupe letak folder tu kat tepi,tp sepatutnye mcm tula.


Lepas keluar dewan...apa lagiiii..sesi bergambalaaaaa. (Saya sgt sukeee sbb banyak dpt bunga..terimakaseh semuaaaa)

(Dengan keluarga,kosmet,rakan2 kat "wall" khas sempena konvo.Gamat jadiknye ngn kehadiran mereka2 yg raja & ratu bergamba ni)

(My sister also came with her husband)

(My dearest pun datang jugak.Thanks honeyyyy!)

(Gamba candid!!sweeet gileeerrrrr)


Sambung bergamba kt umah plak...ehehe

(Excuse muke aku yg berminyak lagi serabai tu maklumlah..baru je pulang)
Kite mmg suke bungeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..cantiknyeee..kan best kalo bunga tu x mati2.

From my frens..

Sweet jugakkan?


Something from Mr NAZ.

Incanto "Bliss" from Feragammo..(I luve the smell very much!)

By the way seminggu lil sis plak konvo kt UM.Dah jadik doktor pun die.

Congrats my lil sis! Thanks everybody who made my day!!
(My parents,my sis & hubby,Hasfa,Mas,Lia,Mr NAZ,Awie & the gang,kosmet2 and cik Misha for the wish)


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Konvokesyen Ku!

Hai kawan-kawan..aku konvo 8 hb Ogos 2009!!nombor ong maaa..

Ohh..finally.the moment i've been waiting for..has arrived.

Come all my fren kite memeriahkan majlis!

I cant hardly wait!!!


Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Tribute To Luna..

Dear Luna,

Where are u now?Are u far away?Are u somewhere safe?

Why did u leave the house?Why did u leave me?Did i do something wrong?Did i say anything bad that hurt ur feeling?

I know lately i've been releasing my temper on u.I know sometimes u only want to play around..I really didnt mean to hurt u or chase u out.I guess i am a very bad person then.

My love Luna,

How are u doing out there?Did u get enough food?Did u get shelter from rain,storm and the hot sunlight?

Do u know what worry me the most?Im so afraid if u will try to cross the roads.I know how stupid sometimes u can be because when i first met u u tried to kill urself crossing the road without looking at all the cars that came towards u.Thats why from there onwards i can see u are so afraid of main road.I understand..


Now i realize how bad i'm missing u right now.I miss ur bite,ur scratch,ur cute little pirate face..How u will look at me as if u're saying.."I'm glad u saved my life"


U have no idea how i cant wait to see u grow up one day.Day to day i can see that u getting fatter and cuter.Dont u know that im so happy to have u in my life?I feel like im blessed.

So why did u leave?Noris also left..

Its been 3 days..for any reason that u left.whether u are still alive or not..i want u to know that i love u so much and never give up praying so that u will comeback to me.Eventho deep inside my heart i know u wont.

My dearest Luna,

No matter what happen i want u to know that ur presence in my life somehow make a difference.and nothings gonna change my love to u.

My last memory with u..(taken a few weeks ago)

You will never be forgotten..



Saturday, August 01, 2009

Lets Go Shopping!

Hello!Your shopaholic wannabe is back!hehehe..

For the past few weeks i've been feeling so stressed up with everything.My life,my work,my time management,my anger convo thingy..arrrghhhh. usual..the only one cure in the world that can always calm me down is..

What?Can u guess?

Shopping la!

I really really need a new wadrobe with a whole new outfit/attire to go to work.Especially where im working right now does require me to look presentable.And i am sooooo out of baju at the moment.Dont u ever feel that?Have u ever experience that moment where u think u got so many clothes but always end up with nothing to wear at the end of the day?

Have u ever feel like that?Oh pleaseeee say u have..(that 'll make me feel im normal like everybody else)

So!I need to start collecting and!

Since im working at KLCC so finding a place or store where u can buy clothes is not that hard..When u dont really mind the price..huhuu

But Isetan & Parkson is currently having their sale and i think its quiet a good bargain when it comes to the brand that they offering.

So last 2 weeks i managed to get something for myself.

And last week..

And yesterday..huhu

Ahhhhhh...the feeling is soooooo undescribable..

Hmmm..Lets see what i bought...

Blazzer from SEED Work & The Executive

Top from MNG & Captivation

Pants from MNG & The Executives

Hilang tensen aku sekejap!Yesssss! I can sense there's more after this.

Abis duit aku bulan ni beli mentang ni xpe..janji aku puas..huhuu

Till then..XOXO